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29.09.2010 07:40
Articles about real estate | Secrets of low-cost housing The question of housing in Ukraine, probably one of the most acute. Of the 14 million Ukrainian households almost one in four - severe living conditions.

In other words, all these people roam the removable corners or huddled in eerie cottage with two grandmothers and three cousins aunts. Therefore, any hint of a solution to the notorious problem has enormous social resonance. What to expect the Ukrainians to resume the program for affordable housing?

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Three thousand apartments still will complete

So, the money for the program "Affordable Housing" from the Treasury is still selected. But to whom? About 35 new projects selected in Minregionstroy of 70 proposals. Another 40 - under consideration. Buildings come alive in 2011. Under these projects have identified 590 sites with total area of 2.5 thousand hectares. In the meantime, 330 million hryvnia planning to invest in ... three thousand apartments. On completion of the first stage this month will be allocated 100 million hryvnia.

According to Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine Dmytro Isayenko, "the money we could build about 900 apartments. It's not very much, but we choose the objects of the highest degree of readiness, which no one in doubt. Here we are the leaders of Donetsk, Kiev region, Kiev, naturally. " I wonder on what basis has selected the candidates?

Funding was cut three times
So, theoretically, unfinished house will be ready no later than next year. At the moment, the interdepartmental commission selected five facilities in Kiev and four sites - in the Kiev region (supporting materials to the fund). However, this does not mean that it is in these homes will be given the go-ahead. If the foundation specialists come to the conclusion that a particular house will be completed, the Credit Committee of the Fund adopts a decision on its inclusion in the list of participants for this program.

Given that funds for affordable housing in the budget have been allocated as a residual, it is possible that funding will be exactly the same. This means that the unfinished homes will long remain incomplete. As is known, the State target socio-economic program for the construction (purchase) of affordable housing in the years 2010-2017 is designed for "development" 88.5 billion USD. In 2010, the state budget for the purchase of affordable housing was provided for 1.04 billion USD. But in the summer of that amount is cut to 390 million USD., Which is estimated Minregionstroya, on a "70/30" before the end of the year will be available three thousand apartments with a total area of 203,000 square meters. m

30% of the cost of new buildings - it's not a lot
Should not be deluded those who hoped that 30% of aid, put the state - is too much. Yes, the government subsidizes 30% of the normative evaluation of housing. But the price of a housing developer sets.

A support extends only to the regulatory area (21 square meters. M total area per person plus 10.5 sqm. M per family) and only in the so-called marginal cost of building 1 square. meters of housing (for Kiev is 7,990 USD. for the Kiev region - 6435 UAH.). Any difference "over" (arising in the case of exceeding the regulatory area, or the marginal cost of construction) will have to pay from its funds. So do not be surprised if the actual help will be much less notorious 30% of the cost of housing.

"Beskvartirnyh" only in Kiev 169000
Who is entitled to assistance under the program "Affordable Housing"? According to the statute, the waiting must be registered as in need of better housing conditions. In this case, the average total family income per person should not exceed four times the average monthly wage in the region, according to Goskomstat.

In addition, kvartuchet may be only those who have a living area of security does not exceed 7.5 square meters. meters for each family member, and it needs to appeal to the department of accounting and distribution of residential area in place of registration. It would seem that all adequate and reasonable, if not to remember some details.

For example, that while the candidates for apartments in Kiev and the region, there are only ... about 20 families. Meanwhile, registered in Kiev is about 169 thousand "beskvartirnyh" ... Reminds nedobrosovetstnuyu lottery, is not it?

Mortgage under 27% per annum ...
Obviously, in the state waiting list for apartments are not the most wealthy of our citizens. Otherwise they would clearly not linked with the state and tried to solve the problem on its own. But for most members of the "target audience" and 70% of the cost of housing might most likely turn out to be unfeasible.

In theory, nothing prevents a person to contact the bank for a mortgage loan ... It is theoretically, because today credit conditions so tight that few people would agree, and the interest is so high that not every buyer will pull them.

Taking into account the bank charges and commissions of the cost of credit is about 27% per annum. But how do potential customers must pay the remaining amount for the apartment? It as "affordable housing" will get mostly non-poor citizens. Otherwise, the emphasis would be worth doing at not extra charge, as, for example, the first payment on the mortgage.

Builders, incidentally, quite critical of the idea of affordable housing. In fact, those objects that are allocated under him, which was originally classified as too expensive. And to address the housing need large-scale construction. And at lower prices - with more dense buildings, with "thrifty" projects. In the Ukrainian Construction Association are convinced that the main problem - the lack of a clear mechanism for translating the program into practice. As a result, expensive apartments may be affordable housing except on paper ...

The price of issue:

What, in fact, is state aid, and who can get it? For a start take a look at the passport program:

• Started work: September 2010

• Artist: State Fund Youth Housing Assistance.

• The essence of care: 30% of the normative value of the apartment permanently.

• Financial framework: in the 2010 state budget allocated 390 million UAH. (Should be enough for 3 thousand apartments). Some of that money began to flow into the Fund.

• On that give money: the unfinished finished NPP readily exceed 70%.

• Have the right: standing on the housing register, with no age restrictions.

And they have?
The main secret of European low-cost housing - to build and much cheaper. In Britain, for example, social housing available for rent, profits from which there is no state budget, and once the construction of new housing sites in this category. That is a short-term stay apartment can buy at a deep discount.

Similar acts, and Germany. There also could be privatized social housing on preferential terms. Every year more than 100,000 social facilities in Germany are transferred to private ownership. And here in France have discovered and cons of social housing: it turns out, it reduces the mobility of the workforce!

Poor families often refuse to move to areas with better employment opportunities because of the high, compared with social housing, the cost of the room. A "sotsrayony" began famous for its criminality and unemployment.

Because in recent years in France in the new housing blocks of apartments are sold at commercial prices, and some - with mortgages and over 20% - are designed for low-income citizens. And here social housing built by private companies, which for this receive tax incentives from the state.
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