Secret of Success Realtors - the art of haggling

26.12.2010 16:52
Realtors attract customers without advertising, the signing of preliminary contracts of sale and the initial contribution. The secret of success - the art of haggling, writes status.

Alexander Moskalenko, director of commercial and residential real estate company GEOS Real Estate:

"The real estate market perked up, and competition among real estate agents has increased. Work has become more difficult, because the proportion of non-professional brokers reaches approximately 70%. Moreover, these realtors dumping. With this issue must be fought at the legislative level, rather than trying to entice customers by advertising or shares. The market needs to get licensed realtors, periodically conducted training courses for staff gosurovne (just like real estate appraisers).

According to our observations, is now an optimal time to introduce new methods of doing business. And the first thing we decided to use - a common Western practice, when a fee for service realtor pays to order it (whether the seller or the buyer, lessee or lessor). Previously, we used the standard scheme - earned solely on the commission the buyer or lessee.

Another innovation lies in the fact that 70% of contracts with our customers, we conclude that during the transaction, and not at the moment when the customer makes the order. The fact that our company has developed technology for the sale of any property within a month. Therefore, the system works fine work on raising prices. In addition, we organize ourselves bidding between potential buyers. In this case, the commission did not depend on the amount of the transaction.

Thus, without further investments in advertising, we attract customers' attention. Although, of course, is not completely reject the advertisement objects that do. And here too there is a nuance: It is important not to allow the facility to freeze more than a month. This greatly affects the company's image. Therefore, it must either sell or withdraw from sale ".

Samolyuk Alexander, Director of Business Development KyivHills:
"To stand in the market, we decided not to take commissions (50% of the monthly rent amount), with office tenants, and represent solely the business centers, which will be paying us for services rendered. We have taken a certain narrow segment of the market and virtually no sense of competition from Ukrainian companies.

This scheme proved a winning for the first year of crisis, when the company leaves the road in large offices, shedding employees and, accordingly, leased meters. Lessor profitable as quickly as possible to hand over vacant office space, so they began to make a profit. And for that he is willing to pay. So we have won the trust of more than 100 offices and business centers in the capital.

Market data

Minimum investments start: 30 thousand UAH
Payback period: 3-6 months.
Income per month: 100 thousand UAH
The level of occupancy of niches: 90%

Another is our advantage - the speed of work. After the client made the request, within an hour he sent the presentation of objects that may be suitable (in accordance with his wishes). After reading the customer immediately receives a personal consultant who calls in for him on the car and drives to view the selected areas.

As a result, it gives positive feedback and the desire of clients to recommend a company to friends, acquaintances, business partners. Typically, one satisfied tenant gives us at least 2-3 new ones.

We always use the practice of cold rang potential customers (the manager ring up companies and individuals with proposals to buy the goods or sends the proposal by mail. - Ed.). Unfortunately, in our business environment, this method has not yet received due recognition, while in international practice, it takes a leading place to find and retain clients services.

And in his performance we have seen. In addition, we use online advertising, print media and on external advertising media and try to learn from best practices and approaches of their foreign counterparts (with respect to business development and staff training). "
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