Scandal in the land market of Moscow region

28.12.2010 00:00
Under arrest were more than 300 plots of land in the Domodedovo district, which is a gated development Silver Horseshoe.

As learned the newspaper Vedomosti, seized assets appeared to be involved in the history of the theft of $ 3 billion in Kazakhstan's BTA Bank its largest shareholder and former head of the board of directors Mukhtar Ablyazov. What customers can expect sites figured correspondent Vesti FM Leonid Guryanov.

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Guryanov: total area of more than 50 hectares, 15 kilometers from Moscow sell Central Development Company. It is, according to investigators, along with another seven organizations actually belonged to Mr. Ablyazov. These structures have land in the Domodedovo and Podolsk district, and under their property had been granted loans BTA Bank nearly $ 3 billion. Later these lands with the help of forged documents were removed from under the mortgage. Investigators regard it as theft of "BTA Bank". And it happened as a result of the fact that Mr. Ablyazov learned about the plans of the Kazakh authorities to nationalize credit organization. Sam banker associates things with their conflict with the authorities. Now a businessman in the UK, where the court so far unsuccessfully sought the return of their assets. As part of this case had previously been seized nearly three thousand acres of land in the suburbs. Now we are talking about the arrest of more than two hundred sold plots on the construction of many homes. In the central development company said that the final buyers to persons involved in criminal cases have no relationship. However, to maintain its property owners of the land is unlikely to help, says president of the Board "Barshevsky and Partners Samvel Karakhanyan.

Karakhanyan: the crime was committed in parts of forgery and withdrawal from the pledge of these lands. If so, then the rights of the pledgee bank to recover and he has the right to obtain satisfaction through the collection of these plots. In this case, of course, the owners are deprived of his title, ownership rights. They are entitled to receive compensation or from the counterparty, which they sold these plots, or, if the verdict in a criminal case, then the person who directly committed the crime.

Guryanov: Thus, if the arguments of the investigation is really justified, it appeals to the seizure of property will not help neither the owners of land or real estate development company. The scale unprecedented case. But according to chief editor of "Real Estate Digest" Mikhail Morozov, the situation in the suburban market as a whole, fortunately, does not reflect.
Morozov: The situation will be largely similar to what happens when a so-called defrauded real estate investors. People who actually invest money acquired data plots fall, unfortunately, in the second or third place. All they can do is to organize, file claims with the court on the return made by them in cash and wait how it will react accordingly to our judiciary. Fortunately, these cases are quite rare so far in the suburban land market.

Guryanov: Lots in the Silver Horseshoe sold for three million rubles to 140 million. The developer insists that the land could not be deduced from the pledge because of the actions of Mr. Ablyazov. A mortgage was taken off the mortgage, which exceeded the cost of credit.
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