Scams to land in Transcarpathia

29.08.2010 00:01
Everyone knows that the land in Transcarpathia is not so much. Therefore, it is valued highly, and only for those who want to enrich the precious piece of land, the land of Transcarpathia attractive than all the others. Raider attack on the land in the Carpathians do not stop. Besides the official part of the most raider attacks planned and designed in such a way that the land invaders were like, and with full right. In this case, the raiders often virtually no one cause of claims. And what's the angry, if the owner makes the decision of the Council on the allocation of land, and this decision is there a signature of all officers of local authorities? But it is no secret that such a document may be (and most likely - is) a fake.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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