Scams all ages

<div style="text-align: justify;"> Perhaps it thought the two older fraudsters, who have decided to make hay on an apartment scams. Since a lot of housing built, that means there is a lot of rich people who want to buy it. This means that among them will be to find the "suckers". That's how they thought and started to act. However, after some time they fall into the hands of police and brought to justice. This case occurred at the beginning of this century.<br /><br />  Two pensioners - Valentine (61) and Nina (60 years) - names have been changed accordingly, in the nineties of the last century were the founders of a very large company that sells urban housing. But due to violations of the contract, the authorities in 1998 decided to terminate the contract with a certain company. However, older women are not grieved for a long time because of this fact. After some time, these energetic business ladies decide to continue his "career" and earn a solid amount of money to ensure a peaceful old age. Their instance, at that time had already repudiated the contract and left the women, and they decided to use it to deceive the gullible buyers. The calculation was done correctly - because the other party to the contract - a state institution, and from potential clients all doubts will disappear in a trick!<br /><br />  Armed with this treaty, the women found the victim, and showing her contract with pravitelstvomgoroda, offered to buy an apartment. Moreover, during the meeting they gave the buyer a photocopy of this contract, and a man got his hands on some kind of security guarantee for the sales transaction. None of the thrown people do not even occurred to verify the legality of this paper! In the full confidence that this transaction is a "clean", the bait enterprising old ladies came across two clients. One of them "bought" an apartment worth 48 thousand dollars, and another - 68 thousand. However, investigators who were working Kondratyuk and Peshkova were confident that this is not the only frauds two women.<br /><br />  As the law enforcement officers, the ranks of apartment speculators increasingly swell the elderly, almost all are excellent psychologists. After the first meeting with a potential victim is based on the psychological impact. Well, how can come up with the idea that it fooled mileyshie mature women! But even with the hands of such "serious" paper! Yes, no respectable man does not recognize the fact that it managed to "heat up" the old woman, who because of their "human kindness" make such services. That this move was a trump them.<br /><br />  In another case, a representative lady decided fraudulently "to improve their housing problems" simpletons, who pecked at her statement that the lady took a high rank in the Moscow administration. Age, solid appearance helped to make people believe her. And when they saw what type of lady comes to the city mayor's office - announce that we have ceased to exist by themselves. So, never doubting that they would soon celebrate house-warming party in the new apartment, carefree people gave this "clerk" very large sum of money and began to gather for the move. Imagine their surprise when it turned out that their newly purchased apartment living another man who actually did not intend to sell it! Turning to the city administration, customers waited another unpleasant "surprise" - the lady was not working there! This lady did quite quickly caught criminal investigators. Obviously, advanced age aferistki played here with her cruel joke!<br /><br /><strong></strong></div>
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