Save on realtor when buying a flat

30.03.2012 09:00
Articles about real estate | Save on realtor when buying a flat What is at risk of Ukrainians, buying a house through a realtor, and what-have decided to do in this matter without the help of real estate agents, read this article.

The Ukrainians are increasingly looking to buy an apartment on their own, bypassing the middlemen. It's cheaper and less troublesome, as it seems. "First, you save on the agent, it is 3-5% of the purchase price. Second, you go to the final seller who is interested to sell the flat quickly and without hassle. Therefore, it does not mark that agents like to do, "- said Marina Pilipchuk, recently bought an apartment in Kiev trehkomnatnuyuyu. True, she was lucky. This apartment she bought from her colleagues. Naturally, in such cases, the risk of falling victim to scam her apartment was minimal.

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Exit to own landlord, and even check out her "story" - these problems sometimes seem insurmountable to ordinary people. "The crisis has increased the number of room scams. Our agency, for example, last year suspended five transactions in the apartment. There were doubts about the authenticity of documents ", - said Ivan Efimenko, the broker. According to him, much more reliable to turn to experienced professionals and real estate agencies named. "Can you imagine how many people have to ring up much information on the network shoveled to go directly to the landlord? It may take months. In addition, the apartment may not be as good as telling the owner, and not in a good location. The broker also warn about such nuances in advance, because he did not want to lose a client, "- says Efimenko.

I would venture with him did not fully agree. For example, this writer turned to brokers with a request to pick up a one-room apartment near the subway station with repair. And then had to deal with a lot of tricks. In particular, in view of apartments brokers have always tried to give me a lift in a car that I have not been able to estimate the distance between the subway station and the house in which the object is exposed for sale. As it turned out later, the term "near the metro station" meant about four or five stops on the bus.

The concept of "repair" was even more vague. For example, light "cosmetics" in 2008 was presented as a quality repair, a Chinese taps in the bathroom turned out that most "new equipment". But the most hurtful thing was that in every case I tried to convince him that kind of money I do not find better. And just as soon as the deposit required. Attacked by two or three professional brokers, who act out this play about escaping from the hands of raschudesnoy apartment, to refrain from irresponsible step, not everyone can. Strictly speaking, this is the bet.

Own calculation

Stories, when people buy apartments with no real estate agents and the victims of con men, as much as those situations where the apartment buyers find realtors helped. Risk, alas, is in both cases. However, some real estate agents still have a responsibility to the purchaser. "I gave instructions to double-check this apartment. But my subordinates have forgotten to do it. Then it turned out that the history of the apartment, "evil", but the deposit - 12 thousand dollars - the client has already paid, and return it to the owner of the apartment is not going to. My boss has decided to divide this amount on my entire department, we all chipped in for 3000 dollars and the money returned to the client ", - says Olena, a leading specialist of one large real estate agency. In other words, to return the money and save the reputation, the staff agency chiefs imposed a fine. But such cases are rare. In most similar stories of the most that you can count on - is on the sympathy of the broker.

"I've been writing a lot about real estate. And that's why I will buy an apartment from the owners. Hang ads in social networks, on the discussion forums, newspapers, she'll call and look for it. I do not know what to pay realtors. After all, their only advantage is that they have received in the updated database of apartments for sale. But access to this database should not be in the thousands of dollars ", - says Daria, a journalist. According to her, go to the most difficult to master, but the issue all the documents and check the apartment can be your own.

"By refusing the services of real estate agents still have to spend on legal assistance in the preparation of contracts and analysis of documents (up to 1% of the price of purchased housing). In addition, will need to check the history of the apartment. By the way, this point I recommend yourself, even if you buy an apartment through an agency, so reducing the risk of being involved in a scam, "- said Maxim Poddubny, a lawyer.

He said the first thing you should ask the landlord to pay the deposit: original documents proving that the property belongs to him (the certificate of title, a contract of sale, exchange, product data, etc.). The fact that some fraudsters manage to get advances at the same time from a few gullible buyers, without first providing any documents for real estate. "However, reading the documents of title to part with the advance early. Paper too can be faked, and very high quality "- warns Poddubny.

Lawyer recommends personally go through all the organizations issuing the documents to the apartment to talk with residents, neighbors, concierge, security guards ... Very often these people have full information about previous owners and what a train of history extends to the flat. For example, in Ukraine there is no single registry of court proceedings, so find out whether the stretch of flat lawsuits can only be in a personal conversation. Also during intercourse can gather information about the neighbors, termosvoystvah home when the last time housing office repaired the roof, there are no damp in apartments and other very important things that directly affect your level of comfort, perhaps, a new apartment.
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