Samostroi legalize residential and social facilities be allowed in 2011

30.11.2010 19:47
Articles about real estate | Samostroi legalize residential and social facilities be allowed in 2011 Ministry of Regional Development and Construction in 2011 will permit the adoption of the service not only residential houses farmsteads, built without a permit for construction work, but also housing and welfare projects no higher than five floors, said Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction Dmitry Isayenko.

"This bill (the bill" On regulation of urban development "), we have extended periods of legalizing samostroev for another year. This may be legitimized as objects and the first and second category of difficulty, and that social facilities, recreation, pioneer camps, housing projects up to five floors ", - said Dmitry Isayenko in a press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday.

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However, he said, the Act spelled out the penalties for those that over the next year will not have time to legalize those illegally constructed objects.

"The law we have introduced a very serious penalties for those who do not legalize unauthorized construction sites during these two years. It would be financial penalties - about 50% of the cost of the facility and put a fixed figure, "- he said.

According to him, Minregionstroy has already prepared an appropriate order to extend the date for operation of facilities built without a permit for construction works, and he is registered in the Ministry of Justice.

D. Isayenko said today at the prevailing legislated order of 36 thousand objects.

The deputy minister also said that Ukraine up to 2010 will be released at last year's level of housing construction in operation, without entering illegally constructed houses.

"Today we have entered 7.4 million square meters. meters of housing with the objects of legalizing, or approximately 4.3 million square meters. m of housing without legitimizing. In 2009, we entered all 6.4 million square meters. m of housing and planning that this year we introduce 6,5-6,6 million square feet. m, and taking into account the legalization will be about 8,5-9 million square meters. meters of housing, "- said the official.

We remind the Government of Ukraine Decree № 1035 of September 9, 2009 approved the interim order of adoption in the operation of private residential estate type, built without a permit for construction work.

Under this procedure, all private farmsteads, built without permits in the period from August 5, 1992 to January 1, 2008, may be taken into operation Gosarhstroyinspektsii authorities on the basis of a declaration from an individual who built the facility, until 31 December 2010 Mr.

In this case, the statement of acceptance into service buildings with a total area of 200 square meters. m and a maximum altitude of up to two floors, as well as farm buildings area not exceeding 100 square meters. m must attach a certificate of harmonization taking into operation, issued by the local executive authorities, as well as the registration certificate at home, issued by BTI.

For adoption in the operation of homes with a total area of 350 square meters. m with an area of farm buildings not exceeding 150 square meters. m to the application and above documents should be attached document confirming the ownership or use of land, on which the house, as well as a report on the technical inspection for compliance with state standards and building codes. For the houses with floor space over 350 square meters. m inspection replaced by a technical survey of the building.

Certificate of conformity of the building state building regulations issued by natural persons, after providing all the necessary documents to the authorities Gosarhstroyinspektsii, and after paying a fine for unauthorized construction, and for issuing the certificate.

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