Sale of suburban real estate. Assessment of the site and search for a buyer

15.11.2010 07:05
Articles about real estate | Sale of suburban real estate. Assessment of the site and search for a buyer Sale of suburban real estate in times of crisis is a very risky way of disposal of this asset. According to various reports in early 2009, the demand for suburban real estate market has fallen more than 50% compared with the results of last year. This in turn influenced the rise of the proposals in this market. Dmitry Myltsev, lawyer ATC group told us about how to evaluate a site for making the most advantageous transaction, if the sale is still a need arose.

Real estate, including suburban, remains one of the most liquid assets
It would seem that a significant discount that sellers are willing to offer a huge selection of ready-made objects, further proposals for the sale of unfinished land as a contract, and without it only contributes to increased sales. However, the harsh realities of modern economic reality had a significant influence on the behavior of potential buyers. Some of them expect an even greater drop in prices to their lowest level. Others and does have reviewed their consumer attitudes and abandoned such luxuries as a country house. But do not forget that any market is dynamic, for it is characterized by ups and downs, so the real estate, including the countryside, remains one of the most liquid assets.

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To commit the most advantageous transaction requires a precise and correct evaluation of the object. Cost may vary depending on the type of transaction (the market, reducing, investment, etc.), but as a rule, when selling property on the open market is a market price. For its definition are taken into account various factors such as:

* Location, topographical features;
* Distance from major centers, transport accessibility;
* Availability of infrastructure, its condition;
* The prospect of development of nearby areas;
* Environmental conditions;
* Object state estimates, the quality of basic designs, specifications;
* Availability of communications (gas and water supply, energy supply, etc.);
* The legal nature of the subject being evaluated, the proper registration of title to the object;
* Similar proposals in the market.

Rate this object can be yourself at your own risk, but most accurately and efficiently, balancing the interests of the seller and the market, an estimate can be made only by professional valuers or commercial organizations involved in the activity.

When selling suburban real estate is paramount process of finding a buyer. Currently an independent search - it is quite feasible goal for each salesperson. The availability of the media, providing opportunity to place advertisements, as well as increasing with each passing year the computerization of society and the abundance of internet resources makes this process easier and faster. But do not underestimate its importance, adhering to the principle "that was used to sell and the buyer there." A powerful argument that can affect the activity of potential buyers suburban real estate, is the quality of proposals. To improve pre-sales can be used as a cosmetic repair exterior of the building, interior design, landscaping area, and many other activities, conduct which, undoubtedly, will produce a positive impression on the buyer.

The object of sale may be just land, passed the state cadastral registration
The legal nature of a country house and the land on which it is located, is not the only factor affecting the value of the property, but in some cases, a stumbling block in transactions .. Most owners of suburban property that became the happy owners in the 90 years or less, still have not issued properly ownership. Herein lies an unexpected obstacle for the deal. In accordance with Art. 37 LC RF traded may be only land that have passed the state cadastre.

This procedure is performed to the individualization of land, determine its boundaries and their alignment with the adjacent land users. As a result, each property is assigned inventory number. Documents confirming land cadastral registration, cadastral a passport. To obtain permission to appeal to the territorial agency of the Federal Real Estate Cadastre Agency (Rosnedvizhimost) and submit the following documents:

* A statement on Cadastre;
* A document proving the relevant authority of the representative of the applicant (if a statement was drawn to the applicant's representative);
* A document confirming payment of state duty for the implementation of cadastral registration;
* A copy of the document establishing or confirming the applicant's right to appropriate property;
* Landmark plan (to prepare it is necessary to apply to a specialized organization dedicated to the activity);
* Technical passport buildings, premises or facility under construction (if the document is missing, it must first
* Get a territorial authority MosoblBTI).

The duration of the cadastre of land and buildings located on it is 20 working days from receipt of the document package body of cadastral registration.

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