Sale of land for 5 years has brought local budgets 7 billion UAH

22.11.2012 00:15
Articles about real estate | Sale of land for 5 years has brought local budgets 7 billion UAH For the last five years of market transactions with state-owned lands of non-agricultural brought local budget about 7 billion UAH of income
This is the Deputy Chairman of the Госземагентства Ukraine Evgenii Berdnikov in a speech at the fourth international seminar LANDNET for the development of the land market and the consolidation of lands, which took place in Budapest. On it informs the press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

On the market of agricultural land continues to act moratorium, which restricts by the relations of the lease and inheritance... the Market of agricultural lease demonstrates annual stable growth.

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Constraining investments factor is only a small period of validity of the concluded contracts of lease, which is an average of 5-6 years, however, and he in recent years has a stable tendency to growth.

In 2012, the average size of a rent for agricultural land amounted to 470 UAH per 1 ha.

The average normative monetary evaluation of 1 ha of arable land in the current year amounted to 20 thousand. 635 UAH, depending on the region ranges from 13 th. 732 UAH in Zhytomyr region up to 26 thousand. UAH 562 - in Cherkassy.


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