Sale Bakalskoy Spit not bring the expected multimillion-dollar revenues of the Crimea

14.10.2008 00:00
Auction for sale of "220 ha" Bakalskoy Spit in the north-western Crimea will not deliver the expected revenues. While on the southern coast remain free holdings, investors are not interested in virgin land costs 1 million to 1 hryvnia ga.Kak writes the weekly "Business Capital", the auction for the sale of leasing rights are set three sites in north-western part of the peninsula, the total area of ??370 ha. Two of them are located near Bakalskoy Spit (Razdolnensky area) and another one - near Cape Rocky (Black Sea region). The initial cost of land will be determined after the regulatory monetary valuation. However, according to the chairman of the land of the Supreme Council of Crimea Oleg Rusetsky, the amount of revenue will amount to 1 million hryvnia per 1 hectare. He specified that the tenant must use the land for the construction of exclusive recreational facilities.

"We understand that there should not appear installations, which would represent too great a burden on the environment, - said Rusetsky. - For example, there may be constructed of low-rise hotel complexes with equipped beach and extensive park areas. "

Local authorities have declared an intention to give a lease of land adjacent to the landscape park "Bakalskaya Spit", insisting that investors must save her from gradual erosion.

"If Bakalskoy spit does not help people, then it may eventually disappear altogether," - says Rusetsky, adding that it offered to sell plots in the Black Sea and Razdolnensky areas likely to attract large developers.

However, scientists do not agree with the head zemkomissii. According to a senior research fellow Marine Hydrophysical Institute of NAS of Ukraine Yuri Goryachkin, erosion Bakalskoy Spit is a natural process, and the less people will be in it to intervene, the better. "This Xhosa - one of the few places in the Crimea, where, fortunately, with their activities until almost did not get a man. Although there is take out the sand that was categorically prohibited in 1964 ", - said the scientist.

In contrast to the deputies and officials in companies that develop business hotel in the Crimea, not too highly appreciate the investment attractiveness of regions, which are supposed to put up for auction. Experts say that if the average payback period of commercial real estate on the South Coast - 20-25 years, the projects in the north-west will be able to generate income not less than 30 years. Director General of IFD Kapital "(Hotel Radisson SAS Resort, Alushta) Andrei Zaitsev believes that 100-150 million hryvnia for the right to lease 100 hectares of virgin land - too high a price.

"To investors began to explore the steppe area, the land here must distribute virtually free, and the problem of filling local budgets should be solved through taxes that would pay the business' - expert said.

According to him first deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank of Russia Vladislav Kravets (until 2007 oversaw the development of the hotel "Sea", "Almond Grove", "Sea", etc.), with time and hoteliers will get to land that is now considered to be unattractive. "Today the main interest of investors focused on the first line of the South Coast, - says Kravets. - And while there still remained free holdings, investors will still go there. But over time, will develop and north-western Crimea.

Recall that at the July session of the national budget for filling the Supreme Council of Crimea has decided to auction 100 hectares of unique territory Bakalskoy spit. However, the ruling Council of Ministers on July 1, 2008 with a list of land plots put up for auction for the sale of lease rights, pointed out two areas - 120 ha within the buffer zone of the regional landscape park "Bakalskaya Spit and 100 hectares of protected area boundaries.

In addition, the sale put up 150 hectares in the vicinity of Cape Rocky.

The budget autonomy for the year 2008 at an auction provided 800,000 hryvnia, and proceeds from land sales planned in the amount of 15 million.
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