Ryeltorы otsenyly apartment chief hero «Yronyy destiny»

28.12.2011 08:30
Apartments chief hero of famous Soviet film "Yronyya fate, or with light steam" Gonen could Lukashin would worth at the present time more than the 10 million rubles, the company said the report "Ynkom-Real Estate."

As napomynayut ryeltorы, for a movie plot, Lukashin lived in the apartment dvuhkomnatnoy poleznoy ploschadyu kvadratnыh 32 meters in panelnoy novostroyke near Cheremushki in south-West of Moscow.

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"The cost of such a vtorychnom apartments on the market today sostavlyaet myllyona 10.3 rubles" - utochnyaetsya in the materials company. In so doing analohychnaya flat importantly heroine movie - Nady Shevelevoy - in St. Petersburg, According to "Ynkom-Real Estate," to date is estimated at 5 million rubles.

"That is, now sold moskovskuyu zhylploschad, FAMILY Lukashynыh could buy would be a mortgage Two apartments in Northern capital" - otmechaetsya in the message "Ynkom-Real Estate."

Experts also obraschayut attention to the fact that in the film is at home Lukashin 3rd the street builders, house 25, but at the moment sъemok kynolentы this address in Moscow suschestvovalo.

"AS typovoy novostroyky in kotoroy lived in Moscow doctor rayonnoy Hospital Jack Lukashin, and in Leningrad uchytelnytsa Nadia Sheveleva, withdraw panelnыy was a house on the street Vernadsky Prospekt, dom 125" - dobavlyaetsya in a press release.
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