Russians refuse to shelter near the sea in favor of Europe

03.04.2011 18:05
Articles about real estate | Russians refuse to shelter near the sea in favor of Europe The first quarter of 2011, "pleased" revolutions in North Africa and the earthquake in Japan, not only forced tourists to seek new places for recreation, but also forced to revise their plans Russians were planning to acquire accommodation abroad - domestic investors are now increasingly looking towards a more expensive but more stable markets in Europe.

In search of safe haven

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Experts are unanimous in their opinion that today - after the recently ended fiscal crisis (when countries such as Spain and Greece have shown themselves not too well), the political tensions in developing countries (North Africa), Global Disasters (Japan) - Investors in Real Estate choose traditionally known for its stability of the country - Switzerland, Italy, Germany.

Rental housing premium in London will rise in price by 7-8% in 2011

According to the Director of the Department of elite real estate company Knight Frank Helena Yurgeneva, among the most profitable and secure markets for real estate investments traditionally leads Switzerland.

"This is the only market that is growing ever, and during the crisis demonstrates particularly good growth, - indicates the analyst.

She notes that as one of the most stable markets is the United Kingdom, which first emerged from the crisis.

Housing Ostozhenka and Arbat in Moscow might appreciate a year by 40-50%

Agreed with her and the Director of overseas property investment company IntermarkSavills Igor Indriksons, stressing that the UK market in general is very stable, even a giant crisis.

In third place in terms of reliability Yurgeneva placed France, which noted shortfalls in supply, since new construction is not a long time due to the lack of sites for development.

"This market is characterized by high demand, because interest in it is shown not only local investors but also foreign," - said the expert.

Most at risk

At the same time, drew attention Indriksons, the list of risky markets for the purchase of real estate has not undergone any special changes - it turned out to Egypt, Bulgaria, Calabria in Italy, Uruguay, Tunisia, Thailand and other exotic countries.

"Countries that were quite popular before the crisis, such as Turkey or Egypt, according to our estimates, there is somewhat less popular. And this is understandable - many objects are frozen, there are difficulties with the documentation" - agrees CEO Miel-DPM " Natalia Zavalishina.

Owners of Egyptian hotels have reduced prices by 10-15%

A Yurgeneva also relates to an unreliable market countries in North Africa and the Middle East and Greece.

She explains that in addition to the political situation, investors will also pay attention to inflation, the availability of credit, public debt and other parameters.

"Not the most reliable and can be called a resort markets, because they are based on the above risk factors: as soon as the situation in the country is becoming less stable, it has a negative impact on the residential property located in resort areas. This is due to the fact that this property not an essential property, and the owner is more inclined to implement it, sometimes even to the detriment of themselves, "- says Yurgeneva.

Therefore, stresses the president of the international real estate agency Gordon Rock Stanislav Singel, one should not expect that "tempting" proposal for investment in holiday properties, such as Brazil, which became in 2010 one of the "hits" in the Western European investors will cause a any substantial interest among the Russians.

As pointed out by Indriksons are risky and volatile markets for real estate investments can also be attributed, and the U.S..

"The U.S. has never been safer market. They have good seats, but the majority - poor," - said the expert.

He recalls that the most reliable to invest in markets that are controlled by the state.

How not to miscalculate?

Indriksons sure to invest in real estate should be only those countries where you can safely place a bank deposit.

"Real estate should save money," - emphasizes the expert.

How to add Zavalishina of Miel-DPM ", the trend of no small importance purchase real estate abroad is an opportunity to obtain a residence permit.

"In this regard, quite popular remains the Czech Republic is becoming more popular, Latvia, relatively high interest in Slovenia. If we are talking about countries that were very popular before the crisis, in Montenegro, the objects are selected very carefully, primarily focuses on the already built facilities, with all necessary documentation. Interest in Bulgaria remains at a stable level, and mostly purchased ready-made objects, with all the necessary documentation, "- says Zavalishina.

She also argues that today is difficult to calculate all the risks and talk about safe or unsafe countries to invest in real estate.

"Therefore, the choice should be approached very point - choose the project and the object of long and carefully ... Everything depends on the project, developer, environment and so on. Certainly, the risk is less in countries where there was intensive development, but also where was still possible to select high quality projects, and are often significantly cheaper, "- explains Zavalishina.

In addition, Singel notes, foreign buyers of residential property for investment "are increasingly oriented towards buy-to-let property (as residential and commercial), that is on property that is purchased for lease and receive a stable income .

"If two or three years ago, 80% of investment transactions in residential property abroad committed by Russians in the calculation of the considerable increase in value, now only 30% of investment transactions Russians are counting on significant growth in property values, and 70% predominant reliance on income- from the lease "- counts the expert.

In his opinion, the best for Russian investors investment option is not to purchase apartments in some foreign cities, hoping to pass on their own profitable, and investments in profitable apartments in the respective housing estates under the management of specialized asset management companies.

"Income Apartments Russian can buy in many countries in Europe, America and Asia. But the most popular among Russians acquired investments in profitable apartments in the" old "Europe (Britain, France and Germany) and in the U.S. ... If you touch cautions against revenue property of individual countries, we do not recommend investing in UAE real estate and Calabria (Italy), as well as recommend to be very careful with respect to investments in profitable apartment in Caribbean countries. and take a wait and see attitude with regard to Egypt "- sums up the Singel.

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