Russians refuse to live in a «cage»

07.02.2011 09:38
Articles about real estate | Russians refuse to live in a «cage» Russian citizens do not show love to the homes, built on the technology frame construction, which negatively reflected on the program of low-rise building in the country believe real estate market. The main claim to such homes, the discrepancy of high prices and poor quality buildings.

Experts say MIEL - Investment in low-rise building ", frame houses in 2010 and failed to win the Russians. Study the company, which was conducted in nine regions of Russia, and south and central regions showed comparable results are not in favor of the frame housing.

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"Two main reasons determine the unpopularity of frame technology. Firstly, such houses, according to our citizens, do not meet the required set of qualities of permanent housing, what are the reliability, durability and energy efficiency. The second reason that frame technology has not solved the problem of low-rise construction in Russia - the cost of such homes. To date, the offer price of building such a house for finishing is 25-30 thousand rubles. per square. m, and a complete mismatch "for money" - says Oleg Steps, CEO Miel - Investment in low-rise construction. "
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