Russian officials have decided to register for summer residences

23.11.2010 13:26
<em>Citizens of Russia allowed to be prescribed in suburban homes. The relevant bill has developed a Regional Development after the Constitutional Court declared the prohibition of residence in the horticulture unconstitutional.<br /></em><br />Ministry of Regional Development (Regional Development) has published on its website a bill authorizing the registration of residence in a suitable residence for a residential structure, located on a garden plot, which belongs to the land settlements.<br /><br />This bill was developed in response to the Constitutional Court (CC), the Russian Federation of 14 April 2008. Then, the COP requested the seven citizens of Krasnodar Territory, which was denied registration by place of residence in their own suburban homes, though they live there permanently and have no other housing.<br /><br />Kosntitutsionny court sided with the citizens and declared a ban on registration of suburban homes is unconstitutional.<br /><br />The law "On the horticultural, gardening and dacha non-profit associations of citizens, forbidding Russians to be prescribed in buildings erected in the garden plot, appeared in 1998. The reason for his appearance was the rapid development of black market real estate, when in horticulture have been spelled out numerous victims of criminal transactions.<br /><br />Adoption of a law does not mean that registration will be available at any suburban home. Suitable for permanent residence residential structure means that it must be connected to centralized or autonomous life support systems: electric, steam or gas heating system that supplies heat to the entire area of the structure.<br /><br />House should stand on concrete, stone or brick foundation, to be insulated, not to be in disrepair, etc. Obviously, the investigation of all this will be a special examination. At the same time, local authorities, the emergence of new residents are usually not profitable: they must build schools, hospitals, etc.<br /><br />Profitable new law builders of country cottages. In the Leningrad region around half of them are cost on the lands of gardening, where there is no way to register. Meanwhile, many buyers consider their houses as a constant and sometimes the only shelter. Therefore, the adoption of the law could encourage growth of cottage construction.<br /><br />Expert opinions to the draft Regional Development Ministry accepted until November 28. After that the document could be agreed within the government and submitted to the Duma.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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