Russian craftsman built house ark

29.10.2010 00:01
Articles about real estate | Russian craftsman built house ark Unusual house-built the ark Nicholas Orekhov, a resident of the village Borovoy in the Kemerovo region, Russia. Interestingly enough, this structure was built without a plan and any drawings. "All the drawings in my head" - says Nikolay. Height unusual home is 9 meters, length - 14 meters.

On the first floor (caboose) posted sauna, swimming pool and a bathroom. At the bow - the kitchen. On the second floor (mess) is a large room, two bedrooms and a nursery. On the third floor (the house) Nick made greenhouse.

Nicholas began to build a house boat in the "magical" date - July 7, 2007. He explained that originally planned to place in the ship just a bath, but in the process of building decided to move to a house built.

Neighbors Kemerovo craftsman called his house the ark of Nikolayev. But the builder says that he built the house because he saw him in a dream, and, of course, about any flood was not thinking.

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