Russian bought half the Italian town

30.08.2010 11:51
Tipped with three zeros and numerous Bentley. Only half of the homes in Versilia owned by local residents, writes Perandzhelo Sapeno article about an Italian resort, published in La Stampa. The newspaper quotes

We remember the story about how a Russian tourist, "so beautiful, tall blonde, gave the waiter a tip 4200 euros. Her company went to Bentley with shaded glasses - like those that disappear from time to time in the gardens of Villa Forte dei Marmi.

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"It's tourists in 2000-ies, faces a new generation that, including here, among the silent avenues of pine forest and situated in its elegant homes, took the place of the Italian bourgeoisie" - the author writes.

Now here is still coming Moratti and Gallyani, but the new owners have, such as Oleg Deripaska, a 40-year-old owner of the Empire, whose interests extend from aluminum to air, the ninth richest man in the world and first in Russia. In Versilia Deripaska arrives with his family and tennis coach for his children, which removes the villa next door.

Here comes and Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, number 15 in the world classification of the richest people. A former commander in Afghanistan, Boris Gromov and the importer luxury yachts and Aston Martin Andrew Boyko, and Vadim Fedotov and Sergei Pronin, and sister of Putin and tycoons from "Mercury" - the army the rich, who have already bought dozens of houses and land, and even a hotel in the center to arrange this bath and disco - the newspaper writes.

Invasion is so massive that it dramatically changes the look of this place.

Today, of the 7,700 houses in Forte dei Marmi, only 3,200 belong to the residents. The remaining 4500 and purchased by foreigners, mostly Russian, who buy housing at exorbitant prices. Prices per square meter rose to 15 thousand euros.

As a result - a dramatic increase in the cost of living and reduce the number of town residents. Local authorities have tried to keep at least some of the houses that they could buy the Italians at normal market prices, but the effort proved futile. Russian remove the villa for the summer for 100 thousand euros and are willing to buy the house for 20 million, according to a real estate agent Humberto Dzhannekkini, "5 million - is the norm."
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