Rural Property in Bulgaria

21.10.2010 15:17
Articles about real estate | Rural Property in Bulgaria According to the research of real estate agency DOKI, Bulgaria now occupies a leading position among the countries where immigrants from the CIS are buying vacation homes.

Buyers country estates in Bulgaria, attracted by lower real estate prices, membership in the EU, the historical and cultural sites, mild climate, which is suitable for recreation in all seasons, low tax rate for the purchase of homes and land, and close enough location - around 2 hours of flight.

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Many country houses are situated on the beach or in resort areas. On the territory of large villas have a garage, swimming pool and room for staff. In this case, real estate elite class is cheaper than a similar - in France or Italy.

Standard land area near the house - from 400 to 1000 sq.m. A typical house includes a basement (basement), and another two to three ground floor. Actual size of houses - from 120 sq.m. The cost of country houses in many respects depends on the distance to the Black Sea and is 10 thousand euros to one million.

Country houses in Bulgaria - different types. Cheap old but in good condition, buildings, located in villages or small, remote from the sea towns. In the district - good infrastructure: paved roads, sewage, gas, small shops and restaurants nearby.

Housing premium is often located in closed protected villages near the sea. Neighbors - people with high social status.

Luxury real estate has been popular among Russians in the pre-crisis years. Currently, demand for cheaper construction, especially rural homes worth 10-15 thousand euros and more expensive homes - from 25 thousand to 40 thousand euros, for example, in areas such as: Stara Zagora, Elhovo, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Vidin.

According to the actual transactions of Bulgarian real estate agencies on the coast at an average purchase homes at a price of 350-700 euros per square meter. meter. Part of buyers preferred real estate luxury cost 1000-2500 euros per square meter. These homes are fully prepared to stay, furnished with the author's design.

Foreigners can buy a suburban or other real estate in Bulgaria, but without the land. To make a deal rather passports. Those who decide to buy a house with the site, will need to register a company. The procedure is quite simple, usually takes one day and costs around 500 euros.

Attorney's fees, notary fees, payment of government fees and other notary costs are about 3% of the appraised value of the property, the annual real estate tax - 0.15% of its value, the tax on rubbish collection - 0,15-0,20% in year.

Foreigners who own country real estate in Bulgaria have no right to visa-free entry. However, having your own address in the country greatly simplifies the procedure for obtaining a visa. In addition, property owners and their family members may obtain a multiple entry visa allowing stay in Bulgaria for three months, then issued a visa for three years.
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