Rural Property: cottage or villa?

31.01.2011 00:03
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Difficult to imagine a fulfilling life is more or less wealthy families without their own suburban housing, especially compared to the flat in center of the metropolis, it does not look too inaccessible. And the mortgage is developed all around the world. Town houses are buying is not like giving - to maintain farms, as well as second homes, which in future may become the first. It is therefore very important to select the appropriate region in which to live comfortably in their declining years. And the first question that usually arises from a potential buyer, where to buy housing - in Russia or abroad, which is better - a cozy cottage on Volokolamke or own property abroad?

Three major arguments

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Russian rural property is beautiful. This is a good home, beautiful land, native landscapes. There are only three parameters on which the property in our country has decisively inferior to Europe:

1. Infrastructure. European roads - an unattainable ideal for the Russian climate. Gas, electricity, water supply is not an exotic, even for the European heartland. Fast Internet is virtually everywhere, and that this "does not catch the mobile, there is still forgotten in the XX century.

2. Safety. Small thieves are everywhere, and protection from them about the same in Europe, and Russia - smart guard, a good alarm system and so on. But from government encroachments on your property you are insured in Europe: here no one will be for next to nothing to confiscate land for the construction of toll roads, sports facilities and government residences. Some attempts in this direction are taken at times, but always produce a legitimate anger of the citizens and the retreat of the authorities.

3. Pricing policy. Russia - a country of unexplained price tag: at all of us is either very expensive or a mere penny. The price of land in Moscow region more expensive than the other "gold" stations. And in what direction will change the price of real estate, we can only guess. The situation in Europe more understandable: there are some pockets of stagnant pricing (eg, Spain) and the territory of their stable growth (eg, the Balkans). But in any case the purchase of European real estate - if not gipervygodnoe, then certainly extremely safe investment.

Of course, a European cottage especially not the incident, and the garden there is a large split makes no sense. But at any time of year you can go there for a month or two, since the climate in Central and Western Europe, unlike the softer Russian. And someday, it is quite possible, moving away from it all and do you will be able to resettle in their overseas property, the benefit of the asset is much easier to get a residence permit.
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