Rural life has become more accessible

02.06.2010 14:16
Increased supply of homes and villas for rent for the summer has increased the demand among the people of Kiev.<br />Compared with the past, the crisis year of this season rental value of cottages for summer vacation in the suburbs of the capital has not changed much, but demand has increased substantially: two-thirds of the available market supply has already been reserved. Nevertheless, even in late May, the choice remains for every taste and purse. And if, before the crisis remains vacant property for summer holidays rapidly rose in price, but this year unclaimed proposal is likely to be cheaper.<br /><br /><strong>Rural life has become more accessible</strong><br /><br />In early March this year the capital real estate agency and newspaper classified ads summarily offered for rent for the summer season, 550 households in the suburbs and 200 - in the capital, today stayed the order of 250-300 vacant houses in the outskirts of Kiev, and 90-100 - in the city. "Last year at this time of a potential summer visitor could choose from more than five hundred homes of different price categories. Given that the number of proposed rent for the summer cottages and homes increased slightly compared with last season, one could argue that the demand for such properties has grown at least twice ", - says head of marketing department of company SV Development, Vladimir Stepenko.<br />However, pre-crisis indicators that market yet. " In early June 2008 proposal remained vacant only in the most expensive price segments and counted in tens rather than hundreds. But the recovery in demand for summer rental cottages and houses quite natural. All in the capital and suburbs offered no more than 1,3-1,5 thousand buildings, of which more than half of the apartment for long term lease. "Last summer, the country witnessed the peak of panic. Many of the people of Kiev were not sure what will keep their jobs and income, thus limiting themselves all over, including in-town vacation. Now a wave of new cuts is not observed, there was some stability, so many families have returned to their habitual summer pastime "- says the consultant AN RED Jaroslav Tsukanov. Partly contributed to higher demand and increased supply in the budget segment ($ 150-300 per month), which allowed to organize summer vacations for families with low monthly income. "What to send children to summer for many miles to Grandma's or in the camps, it is easier to settle the family in nature near the city, albeit with minimal amenities. Trend of this spring was to combine several pairs to remove the house, so someone from moms can commute to work, but someone looking after children during the day ", - said the expert.<br /><br /><strong>Comfort above cost</strong><br /><br />According to the director of "trajectory" Irina Golovnev, in this season's largest selection in business class with the cost of monthly rent from $ 800 to $ 2,5 thousand, which accounts for 27% of the proposals. Not much smaller - about 22% - provided the temporary use of post-Soviet buildings and houses, and cottages for the summer type with the comforts of home in a price range from $ 300 up to 500 per month. Then follow the structure in the cottage business and VIP-class cost from $ 2.5 to 7 thousand per month (18%) and economy-plus class (new homes and buildings since 1995) with a monthly rent of $ 500-800 (17%). The least represented on the market today houses the budget-end price of $ 150-300 per month (about 16%). However, compared to last year their number has increased at least three times, and with the pre-crisis times - four to five times. "This significant expansion of the range offers the cheapest villas is a positive consequence of the crisis. If the owners had much to look at buildings with indoor plumbing, not even using and visiting his house, and had no intention of handing it a rest, but today such a graph of income has become a good addition to their salary or pension. Therefore, this proposal adds to market quickly ", - says Vladimir Stepenko.<br />The study of specialized web sites, newspapers and classified ads and publicly available consolidated real estate databases showed that at the moment willing to spend the summer outside the city is quite possible to find the cheapest real estate. For example, a two-house in just two stops from the metro station "Slavutich" with beds, a refrigerator, a six-hectare plot and electric heating shall be for 1,2 thousand grn. month. A two-story house near the village of Vodogon (next Vyshgorod) with three beds, a kitchen and a pine forest 100 m from it can be rented for 1,4 thousand grn. month. In the price range 1,5-2 thousand UAH. month offered to give Hlevakha (brick, two rooms and a verandah), Kruglik (wooden, two rooms and a veranda, next to a coniferous forest and lake, 8 km from Kyiv), etc. But in all these cases, the facilities (toilet, shower , water) are located in the courtyard, which often discourage potential customers. "Initially, people are glad that we can so cheap to rent a house, and go on views. However, seeing the condition of the buildings and level of comfort in them, as a rule, or decide to allocate more financial resources to hire their summer residence, or together with another family in order to save money, but to live in more comfortable conditions ", - says Irina Golovnev.<br /><strong><br />With a focus on economy</strong><br /><br />According to experts, the main demand in this segment of the rental season in summer homes has been and remains focused on the economy-class households ($ 300 - 500) and economy-plus ($ 500-800), which account for about 75% of surrendering objects. Over 2-4 thousand UAH. a month today we can remove a small house built 80-90-ies with all amenities, furnished and equipped, located near the forest and lake in Fastivske, Vyshgorod (Dymer), Obukhov (Foresters, Vitachev) and other areas. For example, the front room for 2 thousand. a month you can rent a cottage area of 120 square meters. m with all amenities, but Vitacheve (58 km from Kyiv) for 3,8 thousand grn. a month near the Dnieper proposed three-storey house of 140 square meters. m with all communications. In a similar price range have property for summer holidays and in the capital: in Nivki, raw generals lakes (Obolon), etc.<br />To ownerships 4-6,5 thousand UAH. month more comfortable. For example, over 5,5 ths. month proposed mansion area 165 square meters. m Gorenichi (Kiev Svyatoshinsky rn), near the forest and lakes, and over 6 thousand UAH. - Two-storey modern 190-meter villa in the cellars (Vasilkovsky district, 30 km from Kyiv), near the lake.<br />According to a leading specialist in the Department of lease AN "Blagovest Svetlana Vygovskiy, the greatest demand in the current season, enjoy the facilities in Zhitomir, Obukhov and Brovasky directions. When choosing a summer residence, the clients have focused primarily on cost, availability of Communication, location (proximity to the city to the forest, lake or river), as well as transport (access to capital) and social infrastructure (grocery store, pharmacy). "Given the very high activity of the tenants in the middle price segments, to date selection of objects with optimal price / quality ratio is limited, because most of these homes were taken back in March and April. But to say that there is nothing to rent or the market at these prices remained only non-liquid, and can not ", - said Ms. Vygovsky.<br />Homes valued at $ 800 a month, according Realtors, claimed only one out of five prospective vacationers (cover only 20% of the overall level of demand), which is much less than before the crisis (on average 40% of demand in 2008). Rental rates for such a household, which fell one and a half years ago, twice, virtually unchanged. Is that the most expensive offers deluxe several jumped in price: from $ 5 thousand per month last year to $ 7 thousand in this. According to EA "Blagovest", the most expensive real estate for a summer vacation in the market continues to be the object area of 600 square meters. m, located on 1 hectare of land in Koncha-Zaspa, which is proposed for temporary use for $ 30 thousand per month. However, according to realtors, although the demand for building deluxe and came sweeping through the country from east to officials who have not been able to acquire their own mansions and expensive segments of it concentrated in the price range of $ 1,2-3 thousand per month. For the money fully able to rent a three-level modern cottage area of 380 square meters. m with seven rooms, renovated, sauna and jacuzzi in the 150 meters from the Ring Road (within the capital), or the house of 200-300 square meters. m 0,5-5 km from Kiev (with fireplace, modern technology, including satellite TV, plasma and LCD-TVs, Italian furniture, etc.).<br />Forecasts of real estate professionals on the further development of the market are the same: in contrast to the pre-crisis times, when during the summer, offer declined, while prices were rising this season rental value of houses at least remain at same level, and perhaps a few will become cheaper. "In June and July, the owners cottages and houses left uninhabited, will reduce prices in order to pass their property and get at least some profit. This is especially true segment of expensive mansions, "- argue in the agency.<br /><strong></strong><br />
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