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17.06.2010 10:36
On the territory of residence Mizhhiria, where he lives, President Viktor Yanukovych, has a huge swimming pool, two lakes with fish (head of state loves to fish, greenhouse, greenhouses, a zoo and a playground for the landing of helicopters, the magazine writes "Today."

"Mizhhiria" is approximately 15-20 km from Kiev, on the shore of the Kiev reservoir, near the village of Petrivtsi. There was gosdacha Peter Shelest and Vladimir Shcherbitsky. President gets back on track at Liutizh, and before entering the village turn right. The road is kept in excellent condition, plus a well lit at night. The road rests on the green metal gate with an extension for protection. The thing - a sign of "brick" with the words "except for vehicles of the Presidential Administration. Protects residence special task force of internal troops "Bars".

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The area surrounding the residence (the president said that in "Mezhigorie" he owns only one house) surrounded by a perimeter metal fence height of 6-7 meters. Behind him is another wall, a stone, the height of about 3 pm "Yanukovych leaves usually about 9.00, comes in a very different time. This is usually a motorcade of six cars," - told a local summer resident. "Recently, at the quay came the yacht before it was not" - added another local resident, Svetlana.

"I have to work often fetched fence - see the condition of roads in the winter and sprinkle with salt, cover the summer update - told local-traffic-operational management - the last time was there a month ago. We were not particularly searching, have already examined, except that testing mobile phones, if there cameras in the territory forbidden to photograph. We work only during the day. At night, when Yanukovych was asleep, there is nothing we are not allowed. When he leaves, we call back.

According to him, the first perimeter fence - 54 km. Behind him - an asphalt road, where you can overtake the whole territory. In general, the residence - about 140 hectares.

The house where he lives Yanukovych - a three-storey with a copper roof. There are two underground floors. "The area has a huge swimming pool, two lakes with fish (according to the builders, the president likes to fish, greenhouse, greenhouses, children's playground, a large aviary and a stall for a pony. From the house of the Kiev reservoir is a great way, right - the helipad, on the left - Beach pier concreted, made of beautiful waterfront on the site may take two helicopters or one big truck.

And Yanukovych, I saw a small zoo: peacocks, ostriches, porcupines, they say, even a kangaroo, though I have not seen them "- said a local resident.

In the village itself Yanukovych last time was in the Children's Day June 1 - he inaugurated a children's playground at the orphanage "Lovage", which he patronized. And he followed the landscaping around the underground source close to the village.

Recall President Viktor Yanukovych on June 4 at a press conference on the first 100 days of his presidency, has invited journalists in residence "Mezhigorie", in whose territory he resides.

"Come, now let's go" - Yanukovych said, replying to a question from journalists.

However, after the press conference, Yanukovych rescind its invitation to journalists and transferred it to a later date. Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Anna Herman went to the journalists who were waiting for the promised buses to "Mizhhiria, with the message that the journey will not take place due to the fact that for 15 minutes the President would have an international meeting. She also reported that it was unable to quickly organize buses needed for the trip.
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