Rules of the game in the land market will be discharged under the specific players?

22.03.2011 09:58
Articles about real estate | Rules of the game in the land market will be discharged under the specific players? Many representatives of Russian business in Ukraine speak openly about the benefits of competition from other investors.

This was stated by Vice President Gorshenin Group Alex Leschenko at the Jubilee economic forum of CIS countries "20 Years Together: experience and prospects of cooperation in Moscow.

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The expert stressed that the Institute is constantly Gorshenina expert surveys of large Russian businesses operating in Ukraine, to find out what attracts Russians to invest in Ukraine, which interferes with work in Ukraine, such as changing business conditions over the last year due to change in Ukraine power.

However, he pointed to the fact that all respondents are configured on the competitive environment in Ukraine.

"A lot of people talked openly about the benefits of competition with other investors. About any preferential treatment in connection with the arrival of a new ruling team was not even speech. It speaks to the maturity of Russian business, which the Ukrainian market often works much more efficiently Ukrainian. Last but not least, thanks to resources of Russian investment funds and banks ", - said Alexey Leshchenko, adding that Russian business has successfully developed country where the state at a minimum interfere in economic processes.

"Russian businessmen are using the first months of government of Viktor Yanukovych, and accompanying this month disorganization of the light, were able to acquire the asset as Zaporizhstal, after killing their competitors so as to interrupt and be in the market conditions - price, - the expert said.

He explained this by saying that today the key decisions the Cabinet accept people who are themselves businessmen built their business empire in public preferences.

"They know very well the price of this resource, and, of course, the temptation to build under the rules of the game itself is very large, - the expert believes.

In addition, Alex Leschenko stressed that now in Ukraine is very urgent issue a land market.

"As you know, the Ukrainian parliament did not extend the moratorium on selling agricultural land, which operated in Ukraine during the years of independence. This means that in Ukraine there is a new market, equal access to that - the key issue is not even the year, and the whole decade, by which, according to various forecasts, pripadet strongest food crisis.

Will admitted to this new market for European or Russian investor - an open question. So far, the legal basis on which to work this market, only being developed, and the Ukrainian parliament has yet to take all necessary laws "- he said, not excluding, however, the likelihood that the rules of the game in this market will be discharged under the specific players.

"Who are the players - we'll see in the near future. According to some data available to us - in addition to the titular Ukrainian FIGs, a major purchaser of Ukrainian land assets may become the capital of the Arab countries, which will create a special regime favored "- concluded Alex Leschenko.

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