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04.11.2010 07:29
Articles about real estate | Rules of green house It has long been known that in the same house feel good, whereas in the other and my head hurts and my heart like a cat scratch.

Today, thanks to the combined efforts of physicians, psychologists, environmentalists, and designers of this inexplicable phenomenon unraveled.

With properly organized space can not only make the home a harmonious and comfortable, but also gives the interior apartments healing properties. This will require to comply strictly with the rules of "healthy home".

Rule 1: only environmentally friendly materials

Try to track the environmental cleanliness of your house still under construction and repairs. The group preferred to use the materials is all that brings us back to "the caves": wood, straw and unbaked clay ...

Next in the list of environmentally friendly materials should be clay bricks and natural stones of sedimentary origin. At the first fruits of civilization - the metal and glass - a reputation is not so perfect.

And as everything else - the concrete, and various mixtures, plastic and other "chemistry" - you have to "neutralize" through various tricks. We must especially beware of materials containing phenol (which causes headaches, allergies, and lowers the immune system) and formaldehyde (in effect on the reproductive organs, respiratory and CNS).

Do not seek to "dress" your home in the last progress: a much more prestigious to equip it with the true gifts of nature. Held recently in Moscow Exhibition of Stone Stonebuild proved once again that natural materials, as they say, are coming.

And some decoration stones, according to their miners, and does have a healing effect. For example, in Tavush region of Armenia is rich in unique stone color bright turquoise (Blue Sevan), which locals have long been used as medicine by insisting on its water.

Rule 2: The doctor named Flora
Plant flowers like many housewives, but not everyone knows that the house plants can be exactly the same therapeutic "cocktails", as well as medicinal herbs. Thus, the disinfecting action has plants containing volatile: basil, gipiestes Pyla, ofiopogon, cardamom, roytsissus, Spathiphyllum, etc.

Other potted flowers soothe the nervous system, relieve headaches and normalize blood flow (eg, all known geraniums and scented pelargonium, lavender and Monstera) - of which you can compose the perfect song for the bedrooms.

If your apartment is still a synthetic material (which is almost certainly the case), their impact is neutralized with flowers that can take away from air toxins: fragrant dracaena, piperomiya, roytsissus etc.

Plants that promotes good digestion, will make a useful set for the kitchen: Laurel, pelargonium, as well as Chlorophytum which clears the air and absorb odors. Working as a place can be usefully adorn cleansing complex melissa, peppermint, myrtle, sage, monstera and ficus.

In addition to the medicinal properties, most of these plants have a pleasant smell - and hence to all other effects added to aromatherapy. If you want to scent the house was brighter and more refined, get yourself a room rose: at the same time it helps you get rid of chronic fatigue.

And of course, do not forget about the "green" kit: aloe, which helps with inflammation, kalanchoe - from colds, as well as a wonderful remedy for many diseases with an amusing name "golden mustache."

Rule 3: Healing items
Principle is the same: the naturalness and again naturalness. Prefer a wicker basket of plastic containers, the real feather pillows - sinteponovym, simple "peasant" fabrics (linen, cotton, burlap, rough wool) - a spectacular innovations, woven mats - a metal blinds, etc.

Natural things are not only healthier for the body, but also have a special power (especially if they are made by hand or in a small studio). Do not neglect the local market for wood, wicker and ceramic products.

You should not look down on "stuff from my grandmother's trunk: the retro stuff from the family of the museum (if they are properly filed) will fill the house warm and cozy. The only natural "gifts", which should still be avoided - it's hunting trophies: skins and horns of dead animals, stuffed animals, etc. How would they not look nice, aura, which they "emit" not very helpful to humans.

Rule 4: creative atmosphere
Positive effect on mental health has a home creativity, as well as its results are built into the interior. Hand embroider pillowcases or towels, draw pictures or "batik", make candles and bouquets of dried flowers, perelitsovyvayte furniture and lamp shades, painted dolls ...

Proponents of more "serious" hobby you can do fine art photography, wood carving, stone processing. Psychologists say that through creativity you can even cope with this serious challenge, as seasonal depression. So if you took the stress of traffic, ignoring everything and try, for example, to produce for his apartment "therapeutic" figure.

For this first project the paper on all of its negative (taking paper and pencils, just "let go of his hand" that she drew any abstract lines - anything that comes to mind). Continue this activity until such time until the voltage you will not let go - even if it will have to fill more than one piece of scribble.

Then take a clean sheet, remember in detail the most pleasant and joyful event of his life - and draw back the same way until it fills with multicolored "prescriptions" the entire worksheet. The resulting image and will thus healing the subject, which decorate the interior of your apartment.

Rule 5: Do No Harm!
This phrase from the Hippocratic Oath is quite applicable to the device at home, because exposure of humans to a troubled interior can be compared with correctly chosen remedy. And if a drug can not accept, then the interior you will not run away - he will always act upon your subconscious mind.

There are a number of things that are best avoided if you want your home was comfortable. These include: complex architectural shapes, sharp angles, dark, cold and too bright colors, an abundance of small and colorful details, too many mirrors, straight, sharply directed light (especially in the bedroom), and insufficient lighting.

Do not place in the interior of paintings, photographs and posters of violent and aggressive subjects, with distorted images or other "anomalies", even if they are artistic value.

Make sure that the items used for decorating the apartment, had a positive energy (do not buy a used religious objects - such as African masks and idols, shaman tambourines, etc.). In short, keep in mind: to bring home the joy and health, it should be natural, warm and kind!
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