Rules for choosing a good realtor

23.10.2010 21:00
1.Ischite estate agent on the recommendations of your friends is better - a few.

Realtor with the experience of ten years or more does not currently looking for clients. And do not even waiting for, say, in the office of their appearance. He passes from hand to hand, from one customer to another - an acquaintance, in order of recommendation. On a good PR (as well as a particularly bad PR) can be easily heard several recommendations from different people. And because of this simple method you can find a realtor and begin.

However, beyond the recommendations of friends, of course, it would be very rash.

2.Neobhodimo check the data on real estate company at the place of registration, indicated in his already viewed (better - Copy) your documents.

To do this, personally visit the district administration in your city (in cities without districts - the city administration) and to obtain advice from officials: whether there is registered and de-registered by SPD (LLC, JSC, JSC) imyarek (this is an official certificate is issued). And, ideally, consult: what about the agency officials said profile, which agency officials regularly communicate.

3. The first thing to check when a personal meeting with a realtor - his documents as a legal entity.

In the case of a company (limited liability or joint-stock) in the statute should be prescribed as one type of activity: information brokerage and consultancy services in the sale, lease, mene, donation of property "(approximate wording may vary, but the words" information "," Advice, "real estate" must be present). In the case of private entrepreneur in the certificate of registration of SAP can be included only "information and brokerage and consulting services." This is the only entry imposes on the estate agent responsible for the information provided to you.

By the way, no other responsibility, in fact, the realtor does not legally carry. Law on real estate activity after several hearings, was not accepted and long-buried deep in the parliament. Accordingly, the State licensing of this activity is not entered (fortunately for Realtors, because the license will cost many thousands of hryvnia). Because legislation for such a thing as "real estate services" does not exist, but the realtor only provides information only for the reliability and which could legally responsible. Search and examination of documents, providing views of apartments, up 99% of the broker, the law still does not control.

At the same time for all formulations of notarized transactions solely the responsibility of participants of transactions (and the article 635 of the Civil Code, even a contract of deposit must be examined by a notary as a "preliminary agreement", although many of the makings of Realtors registered only on forms bearing the seals of their firms). And just in case of violation of the law in the wording of the responsibility imposed on notaries. But not realtors, which major acts of the notary certification of sale of housing did not appear.

4. It is worth wondering whether the "your" realtor in professional associations.

Of course, the realtor (company) "in free flight, was not included in the existing association of agencies is not known to be fraudulent. However, even disappear such firm may still easier than the firm-member association (each of whom shall be its composition, including the principle of honesty and law-abiding). In Kiev, at the moment there are four associations: two of the Kiev Center for Real Estate (KTSN) - Professional Association KTSN "and" mergers (Agencies) KTSN, as well as the Union real estate professionals in Kiev and the Association of Realtors (Realtors) in Ukraine. Some firms are even a few associations.

It should also be noted that the entry of firms in such a union means having a single database of flats (houses), which significantly increases the choices that a realtor can offer you. In addition, unions have their own lawyers, meeting rooms, and other important clients for complex transactions amenities.

5. In the case of a small length of a realtor - naladte contact with his leadership.

Many are advised to rely on realtors with experience more than five years. However, if all the clients only and do, new employees with such experience would be nowhere to take. Effective the following logic: if you are dealing with a realtor, not a director of the agency or its affiliate, and the experience is small - find the coordinates of its supervisors, visit their office (if any) from time to time they are calling for cross-checking the nuances, you mentioned realtor. Preparation of any purchase and sale of housing is connected with so many calls and visits to the court, that once contact with the leadership of the agency is unlikely to be appreciable load. If the above are not the young realtor experienced colleagues, it makes sense to think about finding another agent.

The presence of at least "on the horizon" Realtor with experience is important here is why. Agent is not limited to obtaining data on the housing only in the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI), as many think. Require more and check the eligibility documents involved in the transaction flats (houses) - which requires, ideally, see previous notarial transactions, if the apartment after the privatization has ever sold. Needs checking and notarized power of attorney inspected (if available in the deal). Also checks the data ZhEKov realtor (plus, in order to avoid concealing the sellers of debt, the data Kyivenergo and Ukrtelecom) on these objects.

However, if the "energy" and "telephone operators" provide help for the debts of any apartment to anyone, then pasportistki housing department is not obliged to consult third parties on the number prescribed in the residences of citizens, their names and public debts. Especially notaries do not open (and it strictly) to third parties that they had previously committed transaction. But if the law will take about rieltorstve, the right to receive such information, you may have realtors will appear as it is available to their counterparts abroad - but so far the situation is reversed.

But the right of the right - and experienced post-Soviet Realtor learned over ten years of state officials in many areas of Kiev, including pasportistok, all the necessary official information gets to cronyism. Or at least, confident and where you want to use the method of "chocolate" and other fascinating dialogue with the owners of the necessary information, incidentally acquiring these same dating.

And being familiar with at least one notary, real estate agent can initiate and receive from other notaries data on transactions (information such Notary provides notary public at the request of another). In this way are solved, and many minor (background), the nuances of public guardianship of minor children living conditions in the resettlement of families with the latest - for what the realtor should have an acquaintance in the relevant departments of regional administrations.

Realtor-novice, of course, such bonds in dozens of institutions across the city does not have. However, if the hedging very experienced broker, then you can trust and a novice agent.

As for the cost of services, the general rule is that the cost of all services involved in the transaction of Realtors is 5% of transaction value and the amount paid by the buyer. This rule is violated very rarely. If the deal allows two or more brokers (one or more working with vendors apartments, one with a buyer), 5% indicated they divide among themselves (the principles of the section they may be different, but the buyer is unlikely to be interested). Say, to buy a flat worth 70 thousand dollars a buyer would almost certainly pay the agents a no more and no less than 3,500 dollars.

P.S. Finally, we note that choosing a decent agent, particular attention should examine the wording of contracts to exceptional service with real estate firms, if you will be prompted to conclude such a treaty. After all, if the correctness of notarial contracts of sale, deposit, gift watch (and make them) do notaries, who are extremely at risk in the event of any error or fraud - is a private arrangement between the enterprise and citizen deserves very close attention from the latter.
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