Rule of law in the land sphere of Crimea will be restored

21.01.2011 11:04
Articles about real estate | Rule of law in the land sphere of Crimea will be restored Crimean parliament will make every effort to resolve the issue with the massive unauthorized occupation of land on the peninsula as individual representatives of the Crimean Tatars and other nationalities Crimeans, chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea, Vladimir Konstantinov.

"Legitimacy in the land area of the Crimea will be restored", - said Vladimir Konstantinov, said on Thursday the press center of the Crimean parliament.

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"Thousands of hectares of occupied land - a frank mockery of the law and above all law-abiding residents of our region. Organizers squatting openly rob the Crimea, it is high time to stop, "- he stressed.

Crimean speaker is sure that the question of the Crimean Tatar and other squatting could be resolved "peacefully and constructively." He also assured that the authorities of the Crimea will continue to work on housing and land for building houses all the formerly deported people.

According to Vladimir Konstantinov, the parliamentary majority, represented in the Supreme Soviet of Crimea 80 deputies from the Party of Regions, is capable of, inter alia, effectively monitor the activities of local government autonomy to grant plots of land and to ensure that citizens have the right to land, did not get unreasonably withheld.

In turn, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea, Vladimir Yatsuba believes that the issue of squatting on the peninsula is possible only in the dialogue of the authorities of Crimea and Crimean Tatar leaders.

"The fact that today the dialogue poor, it is objectively", - said V. Yatsuba, the press office of the representative head of state autonomy.

At the same time representative of the president noted that he supports the position of Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Basil Dzharty expressing the need to resolve the issue squatting in accordance with the law.

"Without permission seized land be freed. No matter who you are: Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian, Russian. Everything must be according to law. The head of the Crimean government Basil Dzharty doing the right thing. In fact, it offers the only correct option - to bring all into compliance with the law. This is the main position, which proclaimed by President Viktor Yanukovych while still a candidate - compliance with laws. Who violates, he must bear responsibility ", - said V. Yatsuba.

Talking about the practical arrangements to solve this problem, the representative head of state said that the authorities are obliged to provide housing for the autonomy of those in need of Crimeans who opted for self-trapping of the earth as a last resort.

"Those who really need land for housing should contact us and we together with the Council of Ministers should ensure that these people have been provided. But we also know that for "squatting" are not only the "landless". Crimeans know that it has long been a kind of "business". So, government should simply look at it? ", - Said V. Yatsuba.

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