Rook: Crimean officials want to deprive the State of 2,5 hectares of land near Yalta

31.08.2010 07:02
Articles about real estate | Rook: Crimean officials want to deprive the State of 2,5 hectares of land near Yalta Leonid Grach, a Communist asks President Viktor Yanukovych to get the mayor of Yalta implement the decisions of the courts and give the land act spetssanatoriyu, land which has become very attractive for commercial use.

Verkhovna Rada deputy, member of Communist Party of Ukraine Leonid Grach, appealed to President Viktor Yanukovych with a request to compel the mayor of Yalta Sergey Braiko sign the form on the act for permanent use of the land area of 5.6 hectares of public institution "Special (special) sanatorium Chekhov" Case wrote.

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This is stated in the deputy handling Grach.

"I appeal to you, Mr Yanukovych, as the President of Ukraine and the guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine, with a request to defend state interests, to ensure the preservation and development of treatment of socially dangerous diseases - tuberculosis and related diseases in the Yalta Sanatorium Chekhov and oblige member of the Party of Regions, the mayor of Yalta - Braiko SB - execute solutions are effective commercial courts and the promptly sign the form on the act for permanent use of the land area of 5.6 ... the state institution "Dedicated (Special) sanatorium A. AP Chekhov, "- said in the appeal.

The MP stressed that at present the resort has the status of budget and non-profit, fully funded on a single income and expenditure from the state budget, runs a program to combat tuberculosis and has no state certificate to the ground.

Rook said that repeatedly approached on this matter to the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

However, he said, despite the commission Azarov, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Basil Dzharty and Interior Minister Anatoly Mogilev, the issue has not yet been resolved.

The statement also stresses that, according to Bauman, some officials are trying to transfer the nursing home from management of the Ministry of Health in the management of the Council of Ministers of Crimea.

"Steps taken evidence of the desire of certain circles to withdraw from the health center's sphere of influence of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, to deprive him of public support for the further alienation of the property and the land area of 2.5 hectares, attractive for commercial use" - said in the circulation.

According to him, the mayor of Yalta under false pretenses, although 3 of the decision of the Economic Court of the Crimea, which recognize the sanatorium right of permanent land, does not sign the form on the Act for permanent use of this site.
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