Rivne property market

13.10.2009 16:32
<div style="text-align: justify"><strong><img height="159" width="200" align="left" style="float: left; margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px" alt="" src="/files/41/rovno.jpg" /></strong><span style="font-size: 14px">In Rivne bought apartments on credit </span><br /><br />In Rivne revived housing market. People are no longer afraid and began to take hryvnia loans in banks. The prices for apartments - are stable. Told LigaBusinessInform said director AN "Guarantor" Natalia Pristopchuk. <br />According to her, "gostinki in Rivne offer of $ 16 thousand, small apartments offer from $ 18 to 25 thousand depending on the area, a full one-room apartment is available for $ 25-26 thousand Thus there is a shortage in the market of one-bedroom apartments. <br /><br />"Sellers and buyers on the fence. Accommodation for the fire sale on" fire-sale prices, "virtually none. They have left the market last spring and now the owners prefer to postpone the sale than to give for nothing", - said N. Prisotpchuk. <br /><br />According to the realtor, behaves more actively market residential lease. Demand for rental for the last two or three weeks has increased, but the proposal is still not great. Not saved the day and the apartments that the owners took off sales and transferred to the rental market. This housing, particularly good quality rented within a day or two. The cost of leasing a one-room apartments in Rovno at the moment is 1tys. UAH. <br /><br />Property level: there is no crisis? <br /><br />In exactly the crisis in the secondary market has not yet felt. Realtors are working in normal mode. Sell liquid housing, mainly 1-2-room apartments at a price of $ 20 to 35tys. Buyers of July - the newcomers. <br />As informed LigaBusinessInform director of the Rivne AN "Guarantor" Natalia Pristopchuk, two-room "Khrushchev" in the sleeping area can be bought for $ 30 thousand. Apartment repair and in the city center will cost $ 32-35tys. Price for two-bedroom apartments from $ 32 to $ 45tys. depending on the footage, repair, and the district. <br /><br />"As for the land. The situation is rather complicated. Earth almost bought. Talking about the market value sotki not necessary because there is no market, which would set this value. Now it seems to 10 hectare land can be bought for $ 10 thousand and a $ 55tys . - prices just do not ", - said N. Pristopchuk. <br /><br />According to her, bought only a very "interesting" areas, with a view to investment and resale in 2-3 years. <br /><br />Talking about the market activity, director of the Academy of Sciences "Guarantor" noted that in May the number of transactions, compared to April, increased by 2-3 times. Asset has been and June. Activity in the market this month, providing visitors buyers from Uzbekistan, Georgia, and returned home emigrants from Italy, Mexico. <br /><br />Perked up and the market exchange, where people sell their apartments, make up the difference and buy more living space. Many versions of the junction. <br /><br />Anticipating what will happen to housing prices in Rivne, Natalia Pristopchuk noted that perhaps the fall of prices will fall another 10%.</div>
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