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05.11.2010 13:00
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Historically, that new buildings were sold and marketed under construction. Repeatedly many have thought to sell ready-made shelter, but more expensive. Now once again this idea came from a group of companies "Baltros, which has successfully, it seems, took advantage of the situation in relations with gradonachalstvom St. Petersburg and turned around, at first glance, the bonded contract with the city to his own use, experts believe the analytical center" Indicators of market Real Estate. This is the start of the apartments in the new area ready Slavyanka in St. Petersburg.

Scheme with the sales of new buildings under construction many times described and understood. Developer is much more profitable not to credit from banks at interest, and attract the buyer's money (on interest-free basis), and consumer interest discount "primary" compared with the finished housing. Yes, and decorate a new "brand-new" apartment and at your taste is much easier than venturing redevelopment.

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What if?
In such a situation inevitably raises the question of risk. According to analysts' Baltros, the difference between the cost of housing in the primary market for the construction stage and "new secondary housing", ie, apartments in already built homes with obtaining ownership is 15-20%. It is in this difference the absence of buyers evaluate the risks and the lack of such a proposal in the market of St. Petersburg.

Group of companies "Baltros completes construction of the first in a new residential area Slavyanka. The apartments on sale, it will implement with existing legal rights of ownership. In fact, the primary market for the company comes out with a demand and scarce commodity - a "new secondary housing.

Nerves and money
According to the summer of 2010 sociological survey, the risks to the primary housing market is higher than the secondary (so say 60% of respondents). According to respondents, a list of key risks include: building can be frozen (not sure that will complete ");" there is no guarantee that the end will bring, and so invested in the construction funds will be lost ("You can put money wasted ");" people with no money left. " At the beginning of autumn 2010, more than 70 under construction in St. Petersburg objects deadlines postponed to later dates. And indeed the construction company could not cope with the business and ruin.

Survey participants who are ready to leave the market of new buildings (30%) as a main argument cited cost savings as square footage under construction are cheaper. In addition, the secondary housing market is devoid of problems with medications prescribed by tenants and the heirs of the unexpected - "once their homes."

No need to wait
All these parameters corresponds to the "new secondary housing. Thus the term referred to a whole new apartment with a registered right of ownership in newly built and ready to stay home. Proposals of this kind in the St. Petersburg real estate market a bit. To sell the new apartments to ownership in newly built houses, the developer must have the necessary amount of money or get a bank loan. Then quickly and efficiently build.

According to analysts SC Baltros, now share a similar proposal in the city is about 15 000-20 000 square meters. m and a total of under construction is about 5.3 million square meters. m. of housing.

Experts note some fundamental reasons why the "new secondary housing" demand among buyers. Reason One: It's not necessary to wait. In addition, since the buyer acquires a ready-built apartment in a house, the risk of losing money is not there. Reason Two: The apartment can pick up on all the interest criteria - the floor plan, number of rooms, footage. When viewed from the apartment mozho assess the view from the windows, lighting, finish quality. Reason Three: Apartments in ready to stay home, as a rule, are decorated with turn-key "(or high-quality preparation for final finishing). Can be occupied immediately after purchase. Reason Four: this is for the purchase of new apartments in already built houses banks more willing to just give credit.

Serious disadvantage - a higher price. According to experts, the difference between the cost of housing in the primary market (under construction) and "new secondary housing (apartments in already built homes with obtaining ownership), is 15-20%. If the cost of apartments in newly built house in St. Petersburg now stands at about 58 000-63 000 rub. per square. m, the price for "new secondary housing" starts from 70 000 rub. per square. m

Marketing ploy
However, as practice shows, the difference in the price of the finished object purchased in the early stages of construction in the 15-20% is unlikely to cover the cost of bank credit (even for 3-4 years) plus the risk of the builder. Therefore, the experts of the analytical center "Indicators of housing market" emerged first question: rather than attempt to sell it that failed at an early stage, to disguise her altruism? It turned out there.

Just literate business decision not an easy situation. In July 2009, an auction for the design and construction of 140,000 square meters. m of housing due to the budget in areas owned by the developers did not take place. Then two of the three applications were rejected, and the only assumption party - GK Baltros "- offered a contract at a reduced price.

Applications must be submitted to three companies: LLC IC Dalpiterstroy, CJSC SSMO LenSpecSMU "and" DSC "Slavic". Documents of the first two applicants did not meet the conditions of the tenders. According to the chairman of the Construction Committee Vyacheslav Semenenko, according to the newspaper "Real Estate and Construction in St. Petersburg, on the site, the proposed" Dalpiterstroem, located garage cooperative: "Territory should not have encumbrances. In addition, the construction of released less than 2.5 years, and exemption from the garages site may be delayed. "

LenSpetsSMU proposed city land in his project "Jubilee quarter (78-second quarter). "The scheme proposed by the authorities, involves two steps. First, the city buys the land from the company, then the builder is the contractor and performs work not involving its own funds. Buying from a private company the land, the city thus takes over and the costs associated with utilities. As a result, our construction costs significantly reduced. We have agreed to participate in the contest, as work on state contract means a guaranteed payment, and general advertising costs will decrease, "- according to the company.

However, the tender commission rejected the holding: a specific site has not been formed.

Remaining bidder - DSC "Slavic" (included in GC Baltros ") - have proposed reducing the initial cost by about 14%. In this case, the city agreed to sign him as a single party. When calculating the price of power relied on the standard set by the Regional Development Ministry. Since the announcement of the auction, he declined to 44 300 rubles per 1 sq. km. m. DSC was proposed to contract by about 6.1 billion rubles. (The initial auction price was 7.16 billion).

The company offered the city the 8 th quarter of the new residential area "Slav" in Pushkin region. (The total construction area of Slavyanka - about 220 hectares. Here you can build about 1.4 million square meters of housing in the 4-7-storied houses.)

Pricing question
Scheme of redemption from developers of sites and involving them in the role of general contractors for the construction of the Smolny Budget announced in October 2008. Developers offered to sell their land and build on them 140,000 square meters. m of housing. Cost of 1 sq. km. m was 51,171 rubles. Of these, 2,301 rubles. - Costs to connect to municipal infrastructure, 11,682 rubles. - To acquire the site in the property, 2,386 rubles. - The development and approval of documentation. Themselves the construction work was estimated at 34,802 rubles. for "square". Complete the construction to no later than December 2011

How did the seller will be able to "uzhatsya" by 14%, it has become clear now. With a starting city funding, included in overall plans for eyeliner utilities, the company was fully capable to wait with the implementation is not purchased city of housing to completion and to expose his market is already over. Winning the sales price and providing customers not only legal "clean", but also the surrounding infrastructure as kindergartens, schools, roads and the life "is not on site as a whole. Not to mention the built substation in energy deficient region.

Previously, the largest project of GK Baltros was low-rise district of St. Petersburg's New Izhora "- a new standard for urban area of Russia for permanent residence, reminiscent of analysts portal www.irn.ru. A total of 285 ha area will be built around 6000 individual houses. Analytical Center IRN.RU
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