Right door - the secret of happiness in the home

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Right door - the secret of happiness in the home You constantly strive to equip your home, protect it from cold and inclement weather. From what looks like the front door of his apartment, depends not only on security of living in an apartment, but also their success. Penetrates through the front door not only positive energy, but also unfavorable. On the one hand, the door may serve as a reliable protection, and with another - to bring into the house of happiness, success, longevity and prosperity.

Try to protect yourself, paying attention to the front door into the entrance, if it is subject to negative effects. It should be reinforced vertically, on a reliable, serviceable, no creaking hinges. It should not be facing a straight road or a triangular design house next door. Any approach to the door as possible should be warped. The direct road to the house prevents success in endeavors.

The front door should never go to high ground, which can serve as construction debris. It is desirable that the door was turned into the open. Win at home, front doors that face the playground or on the Wasteland. Behind the house the ground level should be higher than the front of the house.

Dimensions of doors are usually standard. But it's better if it corresponds to the size of the apartment or room that is hidden behind the door. Too big door frightens everyone who wants to enter the premises. It is also believed that this is a signal about the danger of family financial difficulties. In contrast, a disproportionately small door hinder the access of positive energy. In the family atmosphere of change for the worse: will occur frequent squabbles and petty grievances.

Pay attention to the material from which made the door jambs. They should be strong, no cracks, scratches and other defects. Weeds front door - a symbol of family well-being and support. Best of all, unless the door is made of wood or metal. Glass door to close the curtains or blinds made of cloth so that the door became opaque.

Using the direction of success, combined with the theory of five elements will cause your door to work for you. The location of the door outer side of the south-east will bring an increase in income, if choose brown for the front door. The same color is suitable for doors, located on the north-east, south-west. To create a winning door in the northwest or west, white suit, in the south - red, in the north - black or blue.

If your door is directed to the south or southeast, you can bring vitality to the house, located just behind the door of a container of water. Water should be changed 3 times a week. To shop or office a good solution would be a fountain. This will attract new customers or clients.

If the door goes to the west or north-west, next to the door hang a picture with mountain scenery, which will symbolize wisdom and protection. It is desirable that it was not on the triangular spikes.

Crystal lamp on the south-west or north-east will not only cover the door, but also activates the success in human relations. In order to attract energy of success is always good when the front door covered inside and out.

Furniture should not block the door, because the external locks are blocking your life, barring the road to success in any business. The entrance door should not open on a toilet, a ladder, a mirror to the other door or cluttered space. Open the door to be free to leave right corner of the hallway area teachers. Then you can count on the support of incoming and his help in business.

Recently, at the door made to hang inside "the music of wind". It is believed that its sound gives hope for the best, evokes pleasant memories, and improves mood. Bells contribute to the health of family members.
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