Richest "sharks" of real estate in Estonia

24.09.2010 16:21
Real estate - a sector where, skillfully using good luck, you can earn excess profits. Therefore, in the rankings compiled by the newspaper Äripäev wealthy as many of those who are engaged in real estate. Although part of the rich is often only one of the areas of business.<br /><br />Here are "Top Ten", which includes people whose main activity is the construction or real estate, as well as those who have somehow distinguished themselves in the latter area.<br /><br />1. Toomas Annus, 2.291 billion euros.<br /><br />One building complex "twin towers", Radisson SAS, Viru Keskus, numerous apartment buildings, homes with solar panels in the metropolitan area Kristiine or renovation of Tallinn Airport and Viru prison - a builder or developer advocates everywhere Merko Ehitus. The firm, which won many competitions for the construction of large facilities and is building more apartment houses, stressing its qualitative difference from other developers.<br /><br />2. Margus Reynsalu, 1,565 billion kronor.<br /><br />In the 90 years, realized that the value of real estate can quickly grow. When his colleagues are still engaged in a taxi, he became the owner of the taxis - the current Kristiine keskus. Engaged in luxury real estate in Morocco and on an island off the coast of Brazil.<br /><br />3. Toomart Ryaesk, 1,287 billion kronor.<br /><br />Overshadowed by the entrepreneur, the first draft of which was the building of Hotel Metropol in downtown Tallinn. Rakvere funded the construction of the shopping center. His company owns, for example, a commercial building in Tallinn, on Liymi, 1, and Jõhvi shopping center.<br /><br />4. Urmas Syyrumaa, 1.282 billion euros.<br /><br />Although known more for the security business, with his light hand at the heart of Tallinn's trendy emerged linking the old and new architecture Rotermanni quarter.<br /><br />5. Hillar Teder, nearly a billion euros.<br /><br />The developer of shopping centers in Estonia, and more - in Ukraine. Attributable to his firm built in Rocca al Mare office building, which people call "Audi Tower".<br /><br />6.-7. Raivo Rand and Ivar Tuulberg, both 623 million euros.<br /><br />Tartu Legendary entrepreneurs who have good relations with the city authorities. Erected, in particular, a quarter of municipal buildings Raadiku in Tallinn, the structure at the air base Emary, many apartment buildings and university buildings in Tartu.<br /><br />8. Tõnu Toomik, 441 million kroons.<br /><br />One of the owners Merko Grupp.<br /><br />9. Ernesto Preatoni, 438 million kroons.<br /><br />Man, talk about, both in economic and in glossy magazines. Built Kristiine keskus, in the quarter Gorholla.<br /><br />10. Madis Hinno, 362 million kroons.<br /><br />The entrepreneur, who managed in the late 90-ies to buy land in the intersection Vyao, and later sell some of them to the State.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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