Rich and poor will be cut by one-size-fits-tax

29.09.2010 07:41
In Russia will be a tax on real estate. The official website of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has published information on the preparation of appropriate amendments to the Tax Code. Of this material is a State Duma deputy A. Bagaryakova in the newspaper Pravda.

A new tax on real estate, which will appear not earlier than 2013, will replace two former: on property and land. Now a tax on property of organizations charged with its carrying amount, individuals - are calculated to assess the BTI. Base for land tax - cadastral value of land.

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In all developed countries have long been a progressive scale of tax: the rich pay a larger percentage, and the poor - a smaller one. A Finance Ministry proposes to equalize the oligarchs with the rank and file retirees.

But in Europe the same real estate tax ranges from 0 to 2% depending on the income of the taxpayer. Here, for the wealthy tax rate on real estate is about 2% a year, we have the same - only 0,1%. That is, real estate taxes for the richest people we will have 20 times less than in developed European countries.

But ordinary citizens will feel once the transition to book valuation of the property to market valuation of real estate. Thus, if the market value of two-bedroom apartment in a provincial town - about 2 million rubles, its owners would pay property taxes 2 thousand rubles a year. For pensioners and the unemployed is a considerable amount. But most felt the "advantages" of innovations tenants homes, living in the old fund of the central areas of Moscow and other major cities. In the heart of the capital cost of the usual of old apartments is 30 million rubles, its residents will have to pay an annual property tax of $ 30 thousand.

By the way, now the property tax varies from 0.1 to 2%. We also offer officials from the Treasury to abandon progressive taxation and go to the grossly unfair to the principle of a flat scale. Authorities are already starting to build PR for that would levy a tax on real estate based on market value of the property.

At the same time emphasizing the word "market": they say, they will take tax from the rich to the market value, but as we see these very rich people to pay 0,1% - utter nonsense, which can not be said about the poor. Totally unacceptable to cut all in one oven. For the rich, the percentage of property tax should be higher but for poor people - respectively below. To really be fair.
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