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08.09.2009 00:00
Latvia: the authorities want to extradite foreign property buyers residence. Australia: The average prices exceeded pre-crisis peak performance. Spain: The number of mortgage loans is growing.

Riga Mayor Neil Ushakov said that the Latvian authorities are considering the possibility of granting residence permits to foreigners who buy real estate in the country. Terms of the proposal, Mr. Ushakov, unfortunately, did not elaborate. Latvia first came in the top-10 ranking the most popular markets for foreign real estate among Russians, which makes portal «Prian. ru - Property Abroad. " Leaders of interest were Bulgaria, Germany and Spain.
In August, the average cost of production of apartments in Riga fell in comparison with the previous month at 1.2%, and in some neighborhoods - only 0,7-0,8%. According to analysts, the housing prices in the Latvian capital reached its bottom.

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The average value of residential property in the administrative centers of Australia increased in January-July 2009 by 5,9%, exceeding the end of July peak performance last February. The reasons for this trend experts call a high demand for housing caused by its deficiency, as well as record-low base rate on the mortgage.
The cost of housing in Sofia, Bulgaria has decreased in August 2009 only
0,6% compared with July. From May to July, the rate of decline in prices on the real estate market of the Bulgarian capital has consistently decreased, and accounted for on a monthly basis
2,8%, 1,9% and 1,6% respectively.
During the first half in Finland have been sold 27.5 thousand residential properties, which is 24% less than the same period last year. Total for this period in the country have been sold for a total amount of objects? 2.7 billion reported as a decline in demand from Russian buyers. Whereas in the past year, Russians bought 780 objects suburban real estate in Finland, then in 2009, these numbers could be reduced by 75%.
In the first half of real estate in Hungary has been put on 7,3% more cash than in the corresponding period last year. This statistic takes into account not only the costs for the purchase of objects, but also investments in housing construction.
Israel has reduced the pace of housing construction. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, in the second quarter of 2009 was started construction of 7,296 housing units - on 1,3% less than the first. Experts of one of the largest Israeli bank Leumi predict that the shortage of new housing will lead to a further increase in prices.
In June, the number of loans in Spain, housing loans increased from the previous month at 7%. The average cost of a loan made in June? 142.7 thousand - 5% higher than in May. Experts attribute the growth in mortgage market with lower interest rates, which averaged 4.47%.
Britain's biggest bank, HSBC lowered the rate on two-year mortgage to 1.99%. At the moment this is the lowest interest rate on mortgages in the country. The Bank decided on this measure in order to stimulate the volume of its mortgage lending and give year-end loans totaling ? 15 billion
New York recognized as the most expensive cities for renters. Average monthly cost of rent here is $ 3.1 thousand for comparison: in Peru's capital Lima, which became the most expensive city for renters, the rent does not exceed $ 130 per month.

Instead of an epilogue
Taiwan's property market is suffering not from a crisis, but on superstition. Volume of transactions in the housing market the island's capital, Taipei, declined with the advent of the traditional "ghost month", the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which this year falls in August-September. Taiwanese believe that at this time in our world come to evil spirits. In order not to incur the trouble, the Taiwanese avoid moving from one location to marry and travel.
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