Retirees donate their apartments in exchange for a free funeral

13.02.2011 10:59
Articles about real estate | Retirees donate their apartments in exchange for a free funeral In Mariupol lonely elderly people enter into with the city council inherited contracts for the transfer of housing.

In exchange, City Council holds the elderly in hospice and organizes them to the funeral at his own expense, wrote today.

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Immediately his home city hall gave eight single people. According to Sergei transplant, head of the department of accounting and distribution of residential areas, the situation on the order of the conclusion of inherited contracts were approved in autumn 2009 and since then the interest of citizens living alone in this program grows.

"Ancestral contract should not be confused with the agreement of the ancestral retention, as it gives seniors more benefits. So, in this case, the homeowner remains the owner until death. Only then housing becomes the property of the City Council. In case of a contract of inheritance content shelter immediately transferred to new owners, "- said the official.

He also added that in Mariupol hospice specifically reserved space for citizens who have signed with the executive committee of the City Council inherited the agreement.

"There are all conditions for detention, treatment, and the city council takes care of all the funeral expenses of the citizens", - stressed the transplant.

Recently, one of the apartments, which departed the city authorities for a similar agreement after the death of its owner was given as a social housing invalids of Great Patriotic War.

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