Resurrection buyers cottage townships

16.09.2010 09:37
Articles about real estate | Resurrection buyers cottage townships Cottage towns become the locomotive that pulls the construction industry from a deep pit.

"We are building in Ukraine, the American dream" - showing the layout of the cottage village of Green Hills, says the correspondent partner Dragon Asset Management (DAM) Vladimir Timochko.

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On an artificial green grass layout put two hundred houses, shop, restaurant, gym, swimming pool and even a small hotel. The perimeter of dreams in miniature crowns parking, car wash, tire and kindergarten. In the full-sized Ukrainian Beverly Hills occupies an area of 32 hectares. The construction of the town has spent virtually all of the funds approved by the investment fund Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development Plc (DUPD) - $ 15,5 million from $ 16.5 million

Very immodest investment in the construction industry after the devastating crisis did not disturb Timochko. "The money went for land acquisition and construction of the first eight homes sold that we will earn the erection of the next stage," - no doubt about it. Timochko sure - in the next couple of years, square foot cottage in Green Hills has grown from $ 1.1 thousand up to $ 5 thousand, and it will pay all costs of the developer with interest.

Perhaps Timochko plans too ambitious, but a businessman there is reason to hope for a brighter future. Since 2008, the price of his houses increased four-fold, and in general rose 15%, but the number of people willing to acquire their own house in the village did not decreased. "Last year we had planned to sell three houses and sold ten. And now six - this year" - encouraged by the Timochko. According to him, the demand for suburban real estate is growing, and with it the number of proposals.

Confidence Timochko shares his colleague - Vladimir Chernikov, managing partner at Park House, which in 2010 finished last of his cottage in the woods along the Boryspil route. "The market for country houses, of course, was down, but never much from failing and after the crisis first showed steady growth in sales," - says he observations. When the market urban housing froze in anticipation of mortgage lending - suburban housing built for the money of the builder, was the only way to invest in real estate, says Chernikov.

Word of the developers confirmed the company SV Development, which estimated that only in the Kiev region during the first quarter of 2010 houses were sold more than all of last year.

Meanwhile, the owner of real estate agents RED Andrei Goncharov said that, despite the promising growth in consumer demand, expect strong growth in sales will be far from all. In his view, the time when buyers were willing not looking to buy suburban real estate, given the constantly rising prices, in the past. Present the same buyer is not in the least interested in, and a package of additional services that can provide the developers of a settlement.

"The popularity of cottage today affect not only its location, infrastructure, and availability of the service: security, cleaning, engineering, - says Goncharov. - We also offer similar may not all."

Only a complete stuffing

It is the extensive infrastructure was a decisive factor in choosing a new residence for the family Ludmila Isaeva. Having bought late last year a small house with total area of 146.5 square meters. m, slightly more than $ 150 thousand, they were the first settlers still unfinished Green Hills. Although the family moved into their new home just two months ago, Isaev already thinking about purchasing a more spacious house in the same town. "We have two children and we are waiting for the third, and so need more space," - with a smile Isayev concludes.

Such as Isayev - the main rescuer of the Ukrainian market of suburban housing, which beginning in 2010 bought 700 houses in pristolichnyh cottage town. On Demand timid shoots responded developers and come up with a number of alternative schemes to market their sites. The most popular of them - installment in the company-builder and trade-in, when anyone live in the country, may exchange their city apartment to the cottage. "Both the first and second scheme works," - says reporter Chernikov. - In our town, for example, 39 homes sold 12 of them - with partial payment installment scheme, and one cottage was sold under the scheme trade-in - in exchange for a city apartment with a surcharge.

According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, another viable alternative to urban apartments were home to multiple hosts, ie townhouses.

Kovalenko explained that townhouses are usually called low-rise complex of comfortable cottages with separate entrances, which are combined with each other side wall and have their own plots of land measuring 4.1 weave and separate garages for each owner. According to him, in the Kiev region includes 40 townhouses.

Private businessman Mikhail Litvin convinced that today sell a one-room apartment in Kiev can acquire a small private house in the suburbs. According to the entrepreneurs engaged in the construction of townhouses under the order, 150 sq. km. m two-storey houses made of wooden frame, excluding the cost of land will cost $ 60 thousand this year, said Litvin, in great demand small townhouses, the average area of 100 square meters. m. "Most of them bought the family who can not afford separate accommodation in Kiev and combine their finances to build a common house with separate entrances," - concludes Litvin. He adds that today the construction of these townhouses is $ 400 per square. m

Such innovative solutions, according to experts, partially substitute for bank mortgage lending, which has helped even in the crisis year of 2009 to maintain positive momentum in sales. "The number of homes sold during the crisis fell by half - from 1.2 thousand to 600 - but the house still continued to fly," - said Vladimir Stepenko, director of marketing for SV Development.

Important secret of survival of the suburban housing developers call their own thrift - the majority of projects implemented in the company's money. The main difference from the urban cottage housing, which occurs usually at the expense of mortgage loans to individual investors. Even building a vacation haven for their money, developers are not counting on profits. Timochkog notes that on investment in the construction of the village of Green Hills fund DUPD plans to earn 30% per year.

In general, realtors warn that nourish the hope for further significant drop in the price of houses, regardless of their location, yet it is not necessary. According to Goncharov, cheaper will only conceptually weak construction projects and those in which the value of homes was inflated initially. "Previously, developers could count on 50% and 100% ROI, but today the price of houses fell, and sell only those who raise the real price" - the expert concludes.

Houses of marriageable age

All-Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of building materials and products believe that 2010 will be the year of return to the country building the pricing realities of the category "housing is not for everyone." Growth begins with prices for the development of projects, payment for work and a rise in price of construction materials. For general calculations, the construction of a brick building in 2010 far exceed the current average of $ 1 thousand per sqm

Analyst at real estate agency "new address" Michael Polyntsev, in turn, adds that for those who want to save, but not in a hurry to get involved in building the marathon, too, have a way out. "You can just buy a house on the secondary market," - said the expert. Especially the sellers of country real estate willingly cut prices when it comes to cash. According Polyntseva, country estate on 500 square meters. m on average cost about $ 350 thousand, while a similar accommodation in the cottage will cost more, at least twice.

In this case, the expert continues, after the crisis, the Ukrainians have been increasingly interested in houses with a total area of 200 square meters. m saying it is impractical and expensive maintenance of large houses.

Financial independence cottage builders and their focus on affluent buyers sellers of luxury villas makes most traders ready krizisoustoychivymi housing in Ukraine

The explicit rate buyers at small country villas prompted some developers to reconsider their projects. The first of these was the builder of luxury town ZaSpaGolf in Koncha Zaspa - now, instead of selling homes have stopped using the area of 600-900 square meters. m the company intends to build houses on 200-400 square meters. m, what will significantly reduce the cost of housing, before at least $ 3 thousand per sq. m.

Financial independence cottage builders and their focus on affluent buyers sellers of luxury villas makes most traders ready krizisoustoychivymi housing in Ukraine. While the market share construction company only started receiving the first loans for the completion of frozen objects, Stepenko predicts that in 2011 the sale of suburban housing will come to their pre-crisis position - 1,1 thousand houses, and in 2012, sales of houses and did beat her historical record in 1,5 thousand houses sold. "The market for houses - so far the only profitable place in the Ukrainian construction industry", - he concluded.

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