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07.02.2011 07:40
Articles about real estate | Results on the market suburban housing Suburban housing market hardest hit by the crisis. In 2009, primarily offered for sale plots without a contract. His thoughts on the situation in the suburban housing market in the past year with RBC Real Estate shared by market participants.

Yevgeny Rodionov, General Director of holding Rodex Group:

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- In 2010, the economy-class projects (26% of the total number of projects on the market) were the most in demand in the suburban market. The most popular projects that are in the final stages of construction or ready, such as town "Zvenigora" at the New Riga. The largest number of projects located on the economy-Dmitrovsky, Kaluga and Yaroslavl directions, economy-class cabin where you can buy over 6 million rubles. For the popular New Riga - the leader in 2010 on the number of projects of all classes - the developer requests the 9 million rubles, but it will be ready to house in the village with a central communications at 55 km from Moscow. The project is economy class at the early stage of development or on the stage of readiness around 30% on Novorizhskoye highway in an area 65 km in the village "Perelisky can be bought for 4.6 million rubles. Among the positive trends can be noted the revival of the mortgage market in the spring of 2010. Banks have become more loyal to borrowers, enabling customers who purchase economy class, to implement its plans to buy a country house.

Business class is 43% of the total number of projects on the market. This large number is due, firstly, the desire and the ability of buyers to improve their living conditions by not only increasing the area of housing, but also the upgrading of real estate. The second reason - it's the popularity of "distant cottages, which have ceased to be a summer garden houses or villas, and became a full-fledged business class (12%) with a floor area of about 200 square meters. m, on 14-16 hectare site in the cottage with a central communications and infrastructure. For example, a cottage village "pine land" on the first line Mozhaiskogo reservoir. Price from the developer for such objects within a radius of 90-100 km from Moscow is from 7.1 million rubles.
Demand for luxury properties is gradually returning and will reach pre-crisis indicators in late 2011 - early 2012, provided a stable financial situation in the country and world stages.

Tatiana Kaplanova, Commercial Director, Mozaik Development:

- 2010 was characterized by optimistic expectations of buyers. Renewed interest in the estate. In general, there was a decrease of elite and business class and the offset deals in economy class segment.

Continued trend of "buyer's market" - increased demands on the quality of objects sold, the buyers tried to get better for less money, and, characteristically, the opportunity they had.

Really popular were two formats of country real estate: finished objects finished in the towns and lands of the lower price segment (up to 4 thousand dollars per 1 sq.m.) or significantly fallen in price in comparison with the pre-crisis proposal. Became interested buyers and builders of prefabricated homes to the high degree of readiness (technology pre-fabricated).

On the background of positive market trends, banks announced a reduction in interest rates on mortgage loans. But despite this, the market still lacks a full-fledged market banking mortgage product for credit facilities suburban real estate, it was a limiting factor in the development of the incipient positive. Nevertheless, the market perked up, and the autumn sales approaching pre-crisis levels.

Paul Treyvas, commercial director of Villagio Estate:

- After the crisis, real estate buyers are shifting their focus to the already constructed houses or projects on a high degree of readiness and with an interesting concept. This trend will continue into next year. However, already on the results of this year we can say that the market for such projects is scarce. And the new, launched in 2010, and does can be called, perhaps, only one elite settlement - Madison Park on Novorizhskoye highway. Guess what next year in our segment will be no more than 2-3 of interesting new projects.

Maxim Sukhar'kov, sales director of suburban real estate Guta-Development, "project" resort Pirogovo:

- 2010 will be remembered for an unprecedented hot summer. Many Muscovites trying to survive a nightmare of red-hot in nature, outside the city, with ponds. Not surprisingly, in this period, customers who prefer suburban housing, additional search criteria: presence of a reservoir in the vicinity of a future stay.

Rural infrastructure is also not dormant. Usually the most downloaded over the weekend yacht clubs and golf clubs this summer, worked all week in the mode of Saturday and Sunday.

The level of demand for real estate in comparison with the previous year in the luxury segment has not changed. The buyer has become more demanding, not only to build quality and finish, the details, but also to the environment in which to live. This environment is often a key factor in the decision: neighbors, infrastructure, and hobbies. When the market has grown and the house, which on Monday was worth $ 5 million on Friday could cost more than 6 million, none of the habitat is particularly thought. It was the desire to have time to buy as cheaply as possible. The crisis has put everything in its place. Now is the time to think before you buy: for example, playing golf or looking at your site from aboard a sailing yacht.

I think that 2010 - the year of the formation of the product with the prefix in luxury real estate, because of artificially inflated prices soap bubbles blown away by 40-50%.

Samir Jafarov, commercial director of 1911 Invest (investor settlement of "Baden Hills"):

- As of today we can speak about stabilizing the market of elite suburban estate near Moscow and is gradually recovering demand. Although price growth in 2010 were insignificant - from 5% to 8%.

Considering the direction of the Moscow region, one can note that the most active price increase in 2010 was shown at Novorizhskoye direction and 8% (the average price of 1 square. M increased from 3.6 thousand to 3.9 thousand dollars. Relatively equal growth prices show Rublevo Uspenskoe, Kiev, Kaluga and Dmitrov highway - about 6% (the average price of 1 square. m according to the directions at the moment is 5,2 thousand, 3.7 thousand, 3.7 thousand and 2 65 thousand dollars, respectively), slightly lower price growth rates noted on the Minsk direction - 5%.

Naturally, in the post-crisis period in the first place is the rise in prices on higher quality and liquidity of objects: some objects are seeing price increases of up to 15%, but these are isolated cases. The most noticeable recovery of the Russian economy is how we see the following 2011.
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