Results of the summer season - 2010: The revival of the market and positive expectations fall

21.10.2010 09:00
Articles about real estate | Results of the summer season - 2010: The revival of the market and positive expectations fall Sales figures the summer months and preserved autumn demand can safely say that the suburban real estate market significantly revived. The results given by specialists of LOGIS - Estate "show that in the period from May to September 2010 sales growth in the segment of" distant cottages increased by 50% compared to the summer of 2009.

"In connection with the late spring and hot summer occurred a noticeable shift in consumer demand for late summer - early autumn. Sales in August rose nearly doubled over the corresponding periods of 2009 and 2008. No wonder that in dry summer was marked by increased demand for sites near the water, which is confirmed by the number of appeals. And there is a clear correlation: as soon as, the temperature of the air, immediately increased the number of calls to the advertising, where there is a visual representation of water. Speaking of cost, it may be noted that the average transaction price increased by 17% compared to the summer of 2009 "- says Gorlyub Artem, Commercial Director of LOGIS - Estate.

According to statistics, consumer preferences to date according to the company "LOGIS" most needed areas of moderate and large area: 54% of customers prefer sites from 15 to 25 hectare with houses 240 sq.m. (The average transaction price 5.2 million rubles.), 46% of clients - sites from 10 to 20 ares with homes ranging from 150 to 200 sq ft, the average transaction price 3.7 million rubles. Of these, about 26% of buyers are interested in areas with native forest trees. When buying houses the majority of clients (54%) enjoyed a long deferred - a minimum initial contribution of 20%, the variant with the initial payment of 50% of contract value approaches 20% of the buyers. Option 100% paying 26% of customers have chosen.

The most important factor pointing to an improvement in the suburban real estate market is the emergence of new projects. During the summer months, appeared on the market about 20 new projects, mainly in towns business and economy, are in the 30 - 60 km from Moscow, or the so-called cottage villages, offering for sale only plots without a contract - 30%, 5% of the apartments in townhouses, 65% offer sites with a contract to build. In the segment of the far cottages is 20% of the total number of proposals, the remaining 80% are concentrated at a distance of 20 km and 60 km from Moscow. Experts forecast that the company "LOGIS" in the fall of new offerings in the segment of the far cottages rise expected by 10-15%, the press service of "LOGIS - Estate.

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