Residents of Ukrainian villages are poorly paid for the lease of land

11.07.2010 12:29
Rent for the use of farmland owned by residents of villages of Ukraine, is unreasonably low, with a great part of such a fee is paid by tenants natural, rather than monetary form, experts are convinced.

This opinion was expressed in a general article for ZN corresponding member of NASU Elena Borodina, Doctor of Economics Love Moldovans, academician Vladimir Yurchishin Naan, Naan, Academician Boris Paskhaver, corresponding member of Naan Igor Prokop, doctor of economic sciences Elena Shubravskaya and Doctor of Economics, Tamara Ostashko.

"The form of the land market, which already operates in Ukraine, is to rent. The lease is almost 21 million hectares, that is, half the agricultural land fund. However, due to lack of adequate regulatory mechanisms of the European leasing relations in the dominant at this stage of the land market segment revenues are small landlords ", - states the specialists.

According to them, in 2008 the average rent for a hectare of agricultural land is only 185 hryvnia per year is less than 2% of the land price of the land.

"At the same time to pay the money accounts for about 20%, others - payment in kind, informed experts. - All this lowers the level of rental payments, harm the interests of peasants and landlords at the same time serves as a good draw for other tenants of agricultural holdings and cheap land. "

At the same time, according to experts, agricultural holdings, forming their own "land banks" to pay an assignment of lease rights to 200 U.S. $ / ha. Participants in this market expect prices to assignment of lease of agricultural land in two years to 400-500 dollars. Fa.

"That is a source of rental income is not good for the farmer-owner of the land, and for the dealers the right to lease", - experts state.
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