Residents of big cities flocked to the suburbs

16.11.2010 13:57
Articles about real estate | Residents of big cities flocked to the suburbs Demand generated sentence: According to experts, now there are about three dozen small companies in a short time erecting around the metropolitan compact cottages for 1-2 families or 3-4-storey house so-called "club-type". Our today's conversation - about the latter.

"AIF" has already talked about some of the pitfalls that await the future tenants of economy-housing of various types. However, the editors continue to be readers' questions on this topic.

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A tangle of questions about "Club House"
Want to buy an apartment in a new 4-storey building (known as "club") is 12 km from the city limits. Development company - a small, no one knows but builds quickly, must pass a promised deadline. Embarrassing question: Why is the low price (it is almost half less than that of large companies building next door)?
O. Lyatoshevskaya, Kharkov

- Often small companies incorrectly referred to as price, "forgetting" to include many components, to pay for that buyer will still have to - says the expert Alex Sotnikov. - Yes, and actual construction for small companies are cheaper - if this company consisting of several people, acts as a natural person and is "a private building."

Incidentally, the name "club house" often used by builders is false. Originally was the name of new buildings, erected for the exclusive (an expensive) projects in prestigious areas - a small house on 4-20 apartments where all the tenants (usually wealthy) know each other and are willing to co-exist together. Houses were built responsibly and thoroughly. It is obvious that such objects have value above the market average.

Today, so called 3-4-storey houses, too, a small number of apartments, but developers have the task is quite different: to build as quickly and cheaply. Hence - the economy, reaching the point of absurdity - primarily on the materials. It is worth remembering: deciding to buy, prepare the numerous trouble and expense, warns Alexander Sotnikov.

Yet at the stage of checking the documents available to the developer, it is useful to connect lawyers. The preliminary contract is better to conclude with a notary.

Control over the quality of construction at the state level actually is, I'm sure an expert builder responsible for the quality of work - minimum. Recommendation for tenants: organize before putting his house is an independent building and technical expertise. Well, if it were made by representatives of licensed construction company or a serious evaluation of the firm.

Finally, we will likely have to spend money on a selection of homes purchased by you after the official handing it over and registration of the sale. All this udorozhit purchase if not doubled, then by 30-40%, according to A. Sotnikov.

In addition, during the operation tenants may have to enter into agreements with service providers to provide utilities and garbage removal, which can raise the price of cost of living in an apartment at 30-70% per month (on the background of the average cost of housing services in the region). Renew the contract would have to annually.

What should be checked

A) Land that is under construction:
its intended purpose, how, by whom and when the land acquisition has been issued and whether it is legal (not whether they are part of the recreational area of land or coastal zone, where construction is prohibited by law);

soil conditions (in particular, how close are ground water, there is a danger of landslides, etc.).

B) under construction:
observed whether building codes;

what materials are used and by whom supplies (it is important that providers were well-known manufacturers or intermediaries);

some teams work and under what conditions (absence of a consistent team, or at least its "core" should guard).

С) The financial condition and reputation of the builder:
with some financial institutions cooperating (especially if they have any loan obligations, and how it executes);

whether there is an insurance company that insured the risks of possible cessation of construction or destruction of an object.

What we must remember
Making money for an apartment in a newly built "Club House" or cottage, you do not buy anything: you just give an advance to a certain individual persons, which, by prior agreement, agrees to provide you a service (select your part in a private house to be built). By law, a private home may not be sold prior to completion of construction and commissioning.

At the stage of putting into operation of these contractors are frequent problems with local authorities and service providers who do not want a new building to connect to networks of heat, water, gas and electricity. This delays the process of putting (and the transaction of sale) for an indefinite period. Until that time, you are the owner of the chosen apartment.

The preliminary making out the contract Demand from the builder enclosure - Floor Plan, which shall be allocated to rent, that will belong to you later. So you minimize the risk of re-selling the same apartment to others.

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