Residential Real Estate: the avaricious politician worse crisis

01.10.2010 20:20
Articles about real estate | Residential Real Estate: the avaricious politician worse crisis In the segment of the country real estate clear trend refusal to purchase homes in favor of their long-term lease. Not stepped up consumer demand, even a change of power in the country - most of the "brand new" politicians have long acquired their own homes in the prestigious suburbs of the capital.

Market is likely still alive
According to observations of the leading specialist of marketing department of SV Developement Sergei Kostetskii in the first half of 2010 the number of transactions in the segment of suburban housing increased slightly, but performance in 2008 is still far. In turn, Managing Partner, Dialog Classic Artem Novikov indicates the seasonal warming of the market in April-May, when the increased number of views for sale sites, and some previously frozen cottage towns resumed construction work.

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Priorities of consumers during the crisis has changed substantially. So, according to S. Kostetskii, the share of investment gains are less than 20% of the total number of transactions (before the crisis - at least 50%). According to Novikov, now buyers are not attracted to small areas of up to 12 acres, on which the standard design built "mansions" of 500 square meters. pm meet consumer expectations in the 15-50 hectare plots (for high-end segment - up to 0,5 m) with houses less space (100-200 square meters. m) for individual projects and with additional engineering solutions (eg, avtopolivom lawns, security systems, climate control).
CEO RED Andrei Goncharov said the shift of interest from the purchase of ready-made country cottages in the ownership of their lease. "The demand for purchase is hampered by lack of mortgage lending, the expectation of further price reductions and cautious attitude towards the prospects of cottage townships, many of whom do not yet have declared developers infrastructure. In such circumstances, renting a cottage for a period of 3-6 months. many feel more attractive, "- he says.

Living areas
The most popular trends today Goncharov calls Obukhov, Odessa Boryspil and slightly inferior to them Zhitomir (especially in areas surrounded by woods) and Vyshgorod (along the shores of the Kiev Sea and gums).
At the same time, the observations S. Kostetskii currently most active in the market suburban housing is concentrated along the Zhytomyr highway because of its good transport links, communications development and harmonious natural environment. But the neighborhood Obukhov, according to C. Kostecki, lost their popularity.
"Here, because of the density of buildings and intensity of the high prices of the market started to decline in 2007. During the crisis, the trend only increased ", - he explains. Odessa and Brovarske direction, according to an expert, lose because of poor communications, under the Boryspil no beautiful landscapes.
According to market participants, "weakness" and Vyshgorodskiy Borodyanka areas are transportation problems. Accommodation in the Yanukovych Mezhyhiria near Vyshgorod simultaneously increases the prestige of the local real estate and creates kilometer traffic jams.

Deficiency of the adequacy
Pricing in the suburban housing market has become very segmented.
"Within a single locality that some objects have fallen in price by 50%, others managed to grow by 10%", - says Goncharov. And he expects this trend continues, and in the foreseeable future. According to him, demanded in the new steel house "cottage size", the area of 100-150 square meters. m at a price of $ 40 to $ 200 thousand in areas with good transport links and beautiful natural surroundings. Distance from Kiev now is not the most important factor in pricing.
It is noteworthy that after the change of authorities expect large-scale migration of "new" politicians did not happen, because they are the capital's suburbs have mastered long ago, and their approximate market revived only long-term lease.

Priority is given to buyers today, the secondary market
"Ready and inhabited houses in the crisis are selling better than the proposals from developers. The process of buying in the primary market has become more prolonged. First, the buyer follows the dynamics of the construction, infrastructure development and the pace of settlement of the village, and only then decide to purchase a cottage in the property, "- says Goncharov.
Sellers of real estate are mostly not willing to put up with new trends. They continue to expose your property to sell at inflated prices that do not meet customer expectations. This is partly due to the fact that many owners of country houses have become hostages of active development of the once popular areas, particularly coastal areas. So, according to S. Kostetskii, after building the shoreline, where prestigious houses were built, located near the older country houses have lost their appeal. Now, their owners, deprived of access to water bodies can no longer count on the profitable sale of their property.
Interest in the well-located plots for individual housing construction according to S. Kostetskii even caused a slight rise in price of the most interesting proposals. On the basis of his data, attractive to buyers in the area of allotments of 10-20 acres, in I quarter. In 2010 were worth an average of about $ 20 thousand, in II quarter. - Already $ 25 thousand, however, such dynamics Analysts attribute most of leaching out of the market offers low-cost than with a stable trend of rising prices. As part of this trend until the end of the year predicted a slight increase in the cost of suburban housing economy segment, the stability of prices on business class and the further cheapening of elite households.
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