Residential Real Estate: reasonable economy and quality of village

03.03.2011 11:55
Articles about real estate | Residential Real Estate: reasonable economy and quality of village Conceiving the construction of a cottage settlement, the developer must take into account the huge number of details - from the technical to the social infrastructure. Business practice is that not always translate into stone, metal and wood is not even just conceived, and most importantly - the promise to the buyer. According to experts of the analytical center "Indicators of the real estate market, is where the problems begin, clear up the mess that has at times over the years.

It is very important to avoid mistakes at the design stage of the village, clearly calculate their own financial capabilities, the pace of sales, and risks that could lead to a rise in the cost of the project, experts say. They spoke at a roundtable titled "Pain points suburban real estate: how to turn disadvantages into advantages?", Organized by the analytical center "Indicators of Real Estate Market on February 25 during an exhibition DOMEXPO-2011" in the arcade. " (More on the round table in the article "Residential Real Estate: pain points").

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According to the deputy general director of AES-Development Ekaterina Orlova, during the construction of a cottage village there are opportunities to save, but you need to properly distinguish them from those savings which will result in losses. "The market is a proposal that wins the price, but then it becomes clear that reside in these villages is not possible or it will be possible in 7-10 years.

Best of all, in her opinion, to save on social infrastructure, including entertainment (speaking primarily of the towns economy class). While the final composition of the villagers is not defined, it is difficult to suggest which way to unfold the tastes of most of them. But here on the road does not save, she said. At the time of construction should be constructed gravel road, at the end - put an asphalt. And be sure to arrange entry to the building of transport is the main entrance - there during the construction of the complex will come to potential buyers.

Moreover, the need for residents to determine from the outset the order of trucks, said Valery Mishchenko, chairman of the board of directors Kaskad Family, the amount of fines (for oversize, passages on the lawns, an inopportune time, and so on - "Earn"). Correct to initially establish "rules of the game, and not adjust them during the process.

You can save on the construction of kindergartens and schools, restaurants and a beauty salon, but do not remove from the plan of sports (no spetspokrytiya) and children's playgrounds, "says Orlov. They improve the appearance of the village, as well as lawns, ponds and other facilities Landscape design. Not to mention the well-equipped beaches. This attracts buyers.


In summing up the communication a lot more pitfalls than is commonly believed, experts think tank "Real Estate Market Indicators." One of the most important issues - further operation when the town surrendered, solemnly handed the keys, a banquet has died down, now is the hangover.

The issue of exploitation should be decided in advance, said Valery Mishchenko, chairman of the board of directors Kaskad Family. For the developer operation unprofitable. But buyers should understand in advance how it will be, what cost and who will be responsible for it.

In this area, according to Orlova, mistakes are those who are trying to save money on centralized water supply. Construction of individual wells as a result more expensive. The difference in the cost of drilling is almost identical, but the preparation of technical conditions, work on the verification of the water, the installation of filters need to be implemented on each hole. Of course, these costs can be passed on to consumers, but whether they will be happy with the result? When selecting a central water supply system at the village it should be designed even when broken down by area of land to accommodate the sanitary zone wells.

Many developers and refuse from their own centralized sewage systems. Its really expensive to build because sanzona sewage water treatment is much more. Will have under it to allow more land and the land is worth the money. It is unprofitable. Therefore, if you can connect to the source, you should not save on obtaining technical conditions. In the villages of the cheapest economy-class individual sewage can work (by lowering the overall price), but the rejection of the total sanitation in the village settlements Economy + and above (ie, no one type of communications) reduces the comfort of the village, therefore, the rate of sales.

When connected to a power supply you can get a reasonable cost, if there is a choice between energy suppliers: MOESK or someone's private substation. Unfortunately, these alternatives are not widely available.

The most important aspect - the gas, according to Orlov. "This is the most beneficial for the residents of heating method", - she said. For comparison: the heating homes in 150 sq ft gas will cost in December 4000 rubles, and diesel fuel - in the 30 000-40 000 rubles. According to her, to save important to order all work in a proven organization (in some villages), get discounts, and in no case can save on quality construction materials (gas is a dangerous facilities, construction and operation of which is strictly regulated and controlled Rostekhnadzor).

For comparison: at a recent press conference, Deputy Minister of Regional Development Constantin Royal told the story of one developer's cottage village. When trying to connect to the centralized heating systems to the proposed technical specifications for the 90 million rubles. Thinking and talking to gasman, he built his own furnace room for 45 million, which generates heat is cheaper by 15% gostarifov. Naturally, this boiler developer did not transfer the balance of the settlement, and he is going to deal with its operation by selling the excess heat neighbors.


According to Orlova, not worth saving on staff whose job is to overcome bureaucratic obstacles, giving these issues to deal with third parties, especially to strangers to outsourcing organizations. The latter can, like everything to go through official channels, but take the extra money in addition, the customer unable to control the process.

No need to save money on professionals who are directly related to the construction site (foreman, engineers, etc.). It helps to keep top management in order to avoid excessively long vertical chains.

"Do I need a general contractor who is responsible for the result - adds Mishchenko. - It is not worth saving. He must bear full otvettvennosti for what happens on the court. " Although the operation of the facilities is to hire people who have served at the same time, several neighboring villages. But this is possible only when the construction of settlements is derived "on stream".


"Do more, promise less - a formula for success is guided by Valery Mishchenko. - The very first question that we deal with is how much land we will leave the client so that he could walk in the park, play football or take advantage of other infrastructure facilities. "

"The best option for the developer - a" square-cluster "method of boarding houses in the villages, and give 15% for roads and forget it all" - says Mishchenko. But, he said, the buyer has become more literate, do not buy the land to grow potatoes. So now normal project - when 35% of the land is given to a public space. Need to create an image of life in which the buyer can spend time outside their houses adjoining the site.

This is the first dilemma that arises from the landowner who wants to implement the project. The second - that promise and that actually do. Before the crisis, not a single project, which would be at the presentations did not show a mini golf course, stables ... On the one hand, it is necessary to understand the cost of operation of the commercial infrastructure, which wants to build, will be whether residents are willing to pay for it.

Suburban real estate market - is word of mouth, depend on it following the sale, and ultimately the success of the project, "says Mishchenko. So you can not save on the "one-stop service." If the client about the matter of the sewage is sent to one expert, and the thermal insulation to another, and everyone needs to come to the construction site, the client will still remain dissatisfied, even if all the obligations of the developer would be perfectly satisfied.

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