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01.12.2010 09:28
Articles about real estate | Residential Real Estate miss my customers Realtors have long noticed that the desire to buy a house outside the town citizens have traditionally lost the first cold and wakes up with the onset of the first warm days. And last fall and winter for sellers of homes in the cottage at all were a nightmare: there was virtually no buyers.

Now they have reappeared. Let them be little, let them feel themselves masters of the situation and demand discounts from developers - but they are. And many sellers are willing to go for big concessions, but would extend the sales season. figured out, is it profitable now to buy suburban real estate

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During the crisis, the price of houses in the country dropped an average of 35%, and most homes have fallen in price of economy class and the most expensive items - by 42%.

At present the minimum cost of cottages near Kiev - $ 150-160 thousand It is about the distance from the capital to 14-28 km, the footage at home no less than 200 m2 plot of land at least 5 hectare and total willingness to object to the surrender.

Prices of luxury properties with a large metric area and remoteness from the capital of 10-12 km will start at $ 400 thousand such houses are often multi-storied, located in scenic areas near ponds or pine forests, they have their own infrastructure, including tennis courts, shops, a spa centers, health and so on.

Hire Purchase and Credits
In the cottage area "Our mistechko" when buying a ready-made home builder offering clients a flexible system of calculating the phase-in payment of 50% of the value of the house. In the case of buying a cottage under construction down payment is 30% of the total, and the subsequent schedule payments negotiated individually based on the financial capacity of the client.

Similar scheme offers Mikhailovsky Garden. The first payment is 10% of the total cost, while 90% can be paid during the year. If the first installment of 20%, the balance is paid within two years.

Sometimes developers can get a partner of bankers, and then provide mortgage financiers. But most developers are counting on their money. They either offer a hire, it is possible to pay for the house in equal installments during the year, or are licensed to make loans in the Financial Services Commission and lend themselves against interest. Check whether the company's license to issue credit, you can register on the site Gosfinuslug, but if it does not, loans are granted illegally.

According to the developers themselves, lending at interest, they provide in UAH (but with reference to the dollar) by an average of three to five years at 10-15% per annum. For example, in the Lake hutorke "make out a loan for three to five years at 12% per annum. The first installment - 30% of the price the house. In "Severynivka" given credit for ten years at 7% per annum with an initial contribution of 20% of the price of the cottage.

In the "sunbeam" concessional lending provides BM Bank. The rate varies from 10.78 to 18.02% depending on the type of housing, loan term and size of the down payment. Loans are issued in UAH up to 15 years, the size of the loan is limited to the sum of 4,5 million UAH.

As you can see, the conditions are more than attractive, especially when you consider that banks nominal mortgage rates are now at 19-23% annually in local currency.
Ready for discounts

"The market practice individual approach to each customer," - explained the director of the Academy of Sciences "Chaos Maxim Maxim Eremenko. According to him, the most convincing argument for the seller is cash. If it's enough to buy a house, the developer may assign up to 15%, and in view of the winter season and up to 20-25%.

Declining demand has forced marketers to remember about creativity. The result was a very exotic proposals for clients. For example, in "Severynivka" considering the possibility of exchanging houses for building materials, construction equipment, or simply to contract work. You can also exchange the house for real estate in Kiev and Kiev region.

According to deputy general director of OOO "Synergy" Nikolai Kozyrev, in the Mikhailovsky Garden "more than a year selling the land without a contract construction. Simply put, the buyer can now purchase a plot, which is supplied with the network, and build a house a bit later when you have money. "As an added bonus, we have carried out painting and decorating, internal engineering networks, installation of dormer windows, etc." - adds Kozyrev.
Safety regulations

Head of communications agency Tatiana Markosova now looking for a cottage. She had a lot of travel around the area before she found a town where being at least some construction work. "You look at the site, everything is beautiful. In the sales department promised mountains of gold. And when you arrive, you see an open field with the guard booth in the middle "- outraged she advises everyone to be sure to go and look at the house and ask the locals, as many villages built on reclaimed swamp, with potentially flooding the house during the spring flood.

Find actively being built cottage - no easy task. According to the company RealEkspo, in the Kiev region, there are 264 town, 74 (28%) of these construction stopped. Analysts at Knight Frank's claim that the work is carried out only in 54 cities.

In this regard, it is important to clarify what the responsibility of the developer for failure to comply with its obligations on time, as well as substandard construction work. If any responsibility he carries, from the purchase of better abstain.

Let's not forget about the biggest risk - bankruptcy of the builder or the disappearance of his money from investors. It is clear that the higher the willingness cottage, the greater the chance that the object will still be put into operation. In addition, a good warranty is a property buyer for zemlny site. Even if the town will be built, you can always adjust the home yourself.

Time to take?

Terms of the purchase of country houses today are very attractive. But is it worth buying houses not for a living, but with the investment objectives? Frankly, it's a great question.

Liquidity of objects at home outside the city will not name, especially if you compare them with apartments in the capital. Basically demand luxury mansions not far from Kiev, or the cheapest houses. Deciding to invest in a cottage meters, it is necessary to carefully choose the object itself and tune in to the investment horizon of at least three to five years.

In the event of a resumption of mass mortgage real estate prices will go up again, and the cottages can be earned. The more so because the structure of demand for the years of crisis has seriously changed: Paying for property from $ 150 thousand, people now want to not live in shacks and in normal homes, even in the suburbs of the capital.
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