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21.10.2010 15:45
Articles about real estate | Residential Real Estate in Czech Republic Residential Real Estate in the Czech Republic - a popular object of financial investments, not only among Westerners. Recently, it has all the Russians are interested in thickets and other representatives of the former Soviet Union

Buy a country house in the Czech Republic today - profitable. First of all, because the cost of real estate out of town cheaper here than in other Western European countries. Another advantage - the Czech Republic enters the European Union, but because property taxes are also lower.

Important is the fact that payment for utility services in the Czech Republic too low. And when you consider that the climate and ecology of the country are favorable for recreation and residence, it becomes clear why so many foreigners want to buy a country house here.

Residential Real Estate in the Czech Republic became popular about ten years ago, when the colonization of Pruhonice, Klanovitse, Zdimerzhitse, Pocernice, Satalitse and other villages that now have become quite large areas. In addition to the suburbs of Prague, cost-effective regions are north, and now - and south of the country.

As for the price of suburban real estate, over the past year, due to the crisis, they decreased by about 12-13%, in some cases - up to tens of percent. This, however, almost did not affect the value of suburban areas in the Czech recreational zones - Jizera mountains and Giant. This is explained by the presence here of ski resorts and its proximity to the capital.

According to the results of analytical studies suburban real estate market the Czech Republic, conducted by Sting commissioned economic newspaper Gospodarzhske noviny, most cottages fell in Olomouc, which is located in the east.

While in 2008 one could buy a country house and 50 square meters. meters with a plot to 2000 square meters. meters per million kroons, in 2009 the price of similar properties fell by almost half. On third down the price of giving in Brno (Moravia), approximately 17% - in Decin, northern Czech Republic, 15% - near the town of Melnik, near Prague.

The price range for suburban real estate in the Czech Republic today is broad. Depending on the type and area of the house and grounds, location - from 45 thousand euros (a little house or a house with a partial reconstruction) to more than 950,000 (a large family house or a two-storey villa in prime locations).

The dynamics of land prices in the country is also different. For example, in Klanovitsah prices did not drop below 6,000 euros per square meter of land in Pruhonice and Zdimerzhitsah fell by about 300 euros and is 3800-4500 euros per square meter, depending on the distance from the forest.

Mortgage terms are different in each situation. Foreigners may pay a fee of 20% of property value. If the future owner of the cottages has a residence permit in the Czech Republic or can not provide information about his income, he would have to pay not less than 40%. Rate mortgages for the Russians, which is available for up to 15 years is approximately 7% per annum.
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