Residential real estate has become more affordable apartments

05.10.2010 17:45
Articles about real estate | Residential real estate has become more affordable apartments To date, a house outside the city, most buyers associate with something very expensive and inaccessible. However, experts say, the price of suburban real estate comparable apartment in the city. Moreover, rural property may be a good investment option for the buyer.

According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, "perhaps the most accessible version of suburban real estate today - it's townhouses. For example, in the village of Peter Kiev Svyatoshinskiy district, offers apartments in townhouses and costs $ 700 per square meter or a townhouse "Queen Victoria" (Vasilkovsky area) at a price of $ 600 per sqm.
In the framework of Ukraine's "square" in the townhouse can be found for $ 500, but only in the Ivano-Frankivsk "

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According to Victor Kovalenko, acceptable for both buyers and sellers in the market price of townhouses Ukraine varies within 500-2800 U.S. $ / sq.m. The average square foot townhouse a quarter cheaper than a square meter of similarly situated buildings.

For the same money is unrealistic to buy a home in Kiev and in many regional centers.
Possible purchase options for the money in the suburbs of cities (regional centers, towns and villages).

Victor Kovalenko knstatiruet that the possibility of purchasing the "full" country real estate in a separate cottage can be seen from 400 - 2000 USD / sq.m. "For the money it is already possible to buy a house at 50 to 120 sq ft on 3 -10 acres in the Makarov, Borodyansky, Kiev Svyatoshinsky areas or in Zhytomyr, Lviv, Rivne, Chernihiv, ifano-Frankivsk, Kirovohrad region.

Portrait of modern suburban real estate buyer - a young man (35 years), senior manager or business owner, accustomed to the European lifestyle. "Country home buying enough young people with an active lifestyle - says Project Manager Roslavichi Yuri Meer. - From the point of view of psychology is more extrovert - at the expense of semi-detached apartments and a large public area in the villages of townhouses is a lot of social interpersonal contacts. "

However, opt for an apartment in town or country house depends exclusively on the needs of the buyer. Someone does not want to ride every day in traffic jams in the capital, while others opt for environmentally friendly and relatively isolated from its neighbors. "Of course, it all depends on personal preference, - says Yuri Meer. - But as a rule, attention is drawn to those projects which combine the maximum amount of the benefits of urban and suburban housing, for example, a good environment and urban infrastructure. "

As noted by Victor Kovalenko, to such a format to date, the closest town houses - they combine the advantages of urban and suburban housing: it turns out that you live in a country house with its own land, but using all the benefits of the apartment. In addition, the format of real estate is the most interesting in terms of investment - prices for the format of real estate are rising faster than apartments and cottage settlements.

Victor Kovalenko
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