Residential Real Estate: general trends

05.10.2010 09:13
Articles about real estate | Residential Real Estate: general trends Since the beginning of autumn Realtors noted an increase in the number of deals with objects more 5 million rubles. Buyers' peremetnulis "in the segment is more or less expensive and high-quality suburban product.

Upturn in the market started from the middle of summer: the first active lowest price segments, further surge in sales was recorded in the most liquid segment of homes for permanent residence. And finally, in early autumn, buyers, conduct inspections in the summer, began to make the makings of objects that can be safely attributed to the middle class. " But interest in the parcels of land has decreased - the buyers realize that the option of investing may be too troublesome and expensive.

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Experts believe: despite the revival of demand in the mainstream segment, the number of transactions is still not enough to "digest" all available on the market offer. Given the primary market for houses in which these objects also occupy a certain part, while maintaining the monthly volume of the current number of proposals will be sold for about three years.

Last week, marked by academic troubles, was less active compared with August. And the next - again demonstrates the good performance of demand.

Sellers, in turn, moved towards the customers: a quick end of the season forcing those who want to complete the deal this year, gradually reduce prices. During the week cheaper holiday houses in Priozersk, Vyborg and southern areas - suburban sites quickly feels the approach of other "chill" in the market. Moreover, in this sector offer the most significant - at the problem, according to the Center for Research and Analysis, "Bulletin of Real Estate", accounted for 84% of the objects on display in the listings. Gradually began to decrease the cost of land. Homes for permanent residence while that if cheaper, then slightly - by one percent. Demand for them is always more stable.

Maximum value, as always, show suburban areas of St. Petersburg - the cost of the land to weave located on her home ownership this week amounted to 410 thousand rubles. Second place - Vsevolozhsky and Vyborg districts - 246-249 thousand rubles. for a hundred. The cheapest average price - in Kirishi area: 66 thousand rubles. per hundred square meters of land with buildings. In the market of land is cheapest Volosovsky district - 36 thousand rubles. for a hundred. And in the spa or Seaside, where the price reaches a maximum, the weaving of land will cost an average of 352 thousand rubles. Vsevolozhskiy and Vyborg districts offer empty plots on the far more modest average price - 194 and 144 thousand rubles. per hundred square meters, respectively.

Alla Zaitseva, Deputy Director General of the Company's land "Progal:

- The beginning of autumn brought no significant changes in the market for suburban property. Continues to decrease the share of supply of homes range 2,5-7,5 mln. And offer plots in the range of 500 thousand - 1,25 mln. slightly increased.

In general, the distribution of plots by area is as follows. In Volosovsky, Volkhov, Kingiseppsky, Kirov, Luga and Tosno districts more than 50% of land sold for 125-500 rubles. Another 20-30% of the proposals in these areas relates to the price segment 500 thousand - 1,25 mln. for allotment. In Vyborg, Gatchina and Priozersk areas largest number of sites (35-45%) is estimated at 500 thousand sellers - 1,25 mln. Of 20-25% applies to the nearby price segments 125-500 thousand rubles. and 1,25-2,5 million rubles.

Vsevolozhsk and Lomonosov district for 500 thousand - 1,25 mln. sold 38% and 46% of the sites, respectively. 25% of land area Vsevolozsk refers to the range of 1,25-2,5 million rubles. and expensive segment - from 2.5 million rubles. Only 10% of holdings less 500 thousand rubles. In the Lomonosov district in the range 1,25-2,5 million rubles. concentrated 32% of sites, and 13% of them - more expensive than 2.5 million rubles.

With respect to similar homes picture: most affordable homes in the Kirov region, where a third of the buildings is 250-750 thousand rubles. and another 44% belongs to a segment of 750 thousand - 1.5 million rubles. In the Luga and Volkhov areas 36% of the buildings put up for sale for 250-750 rubles. In Volosovsky and Kingiseppsky areas most numerous houses on the proposal may be considered a range of 750 thousand - 1.5 million rubles. To him is 39% and 33% of units respectively.

In the northern areas can be considered the prevailing range of 2,5-7,5 million, which accounts for 35% to 45% of offers (depending on the area). In the Lomonosov and about 40% offered at similar prices. In addition, in Vsevolozhsk area over 20% of offers - expensive 7,500,000 rubles.
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