Residential Real Estate: Buyers have become bolder

09.10.2010 00:00
Articles about real estate | Residential Real Estate: Buyers have become bolder September is not increased the number of transactions in the secondary suburban markets. However, the market continued changes associated with the growing demand for property in different price segments. Buyers are gradually becoming bolder.

Purchasing activity in late summer - early autumn has increased over the same period in 2009, approximately 20%. Realtors believe that there is a realization of deferred demand - buyers who watched during the season to an existing proposal, finally decided on the deal. Also, experts note that in late summer on the secondary market went out of town buyers. Basically, they take home the Business class and above. Demand for the St. Petersburg real estate is observed among the inhabitants of the cities associated with the oil industry.

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However, to call this activity out of the crisis realtors are not yet ready. Because the bulk of deals (50%) was linked, according to OZ "Progal" With the acquisition of summer houses and cheap land. Of course, the variation in prices for real transactions is quite broad - the cheapest sales occur in a range of up to 200 thousand rubles. per site, and the most expensive plots of "hold out" to 8-9 million same thing - in the case of ready-built: in August and September were isolated transactions and 20 million rubles. but still the vast majority of the objects sold at a price up to 2 million

Given that today's listing exposed to a significant number of objects that are ready for sale, including documents, the purchaser has the opportunity to choose. The main criteria on which future owners look after country object, the experts named the following: location, accessibility, beauty of the environment, availability of water and the state of the object.

Buying a property for permanent residence in the first place customers evaluate distance from the city and transport accessibility. Areas in which planned to build a house for permanent residence, on average, sold in a price range from 2 to 3 million rubles.

Offer price with the onset of autumn began to be corrected. As seen from the evolution of prices for a week, slowly walked down the value of land in remote areas - now the average cost of a tridevyatyh Land "is about 80 thousand rubles. for a hundred. Nearby areas are not getting cheaper - the price of weave is kept at about 230 thousand rubles. Demand for them lasts longer, and sellers are still able to wait for his client.

Ludmila Yushin, head of the suburban real estate OZ "Progal:
- Today's client on the secondary market has become very demanding and selective. Often, he looks the same object several times during the two or three months before a final decision on a purchase. Demand is for houses of recent construction cost of 3 million to 5 million rubles., Decorated with all the rules documents. But sold only those objects which are exhibited at the fair price.

Buyers today is precisely articulate their demands and morally better prepared for an expensive acquisition. Sellers are also more willing to bargain than in earlier times - as a rule, the documents to an object or area on the secondary market is now almost always in order.

Changed somewhat and a portrait of today's buyer's country real estate. Cottages and lands are increasingly young families, people under the age of 35 years. The priority criteria when buying a property: first - accessibility, and secondly - the surrounding area, the presence of the reservoir, the third - the state of the object itself. Today, the greatest demand is for plots in Kingiseppsky, Luga, Volkhov, Priozersk areas, and this suggests that the population became more mobile.

Holiday homes to permanent residence popular closer to the city - in Vsevolozhsk, Lomonosov, Pushkin, Spa and Seaside areas. Up to 75% of suburban real estate buyers in the selection of the object now put the binding conditions the presence of a reservoir and a high degree of accessibility.
Today, both the materials and technologies allow fast, not too expensive to build a house, and this was associated active acquisition of land: many want the summer to construct at least part of the house.

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