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"Today" drove through the suburban homes of ministers.
The head of Ministry of Sport Ravil Safiullin built in Gogol's Field - where Dovzhenko shot his film "Earth" and bought a house Kremlin artist Nikas Safronov. Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych - neighbor Filaret, Sergei Tigipko lives 5 km away from Yushchenko. And the most eminent village - Rudyk: lives here first vice-premier Andrei Klyuyev, who has a mini-airport, and for $ 3000 rent house People's Deputy Inna Theological.

Tigipko: PROTECTION OF THE VICE-PREMIER RECEIVES mushroom for a terrorist

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Economic Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko lives in the village of Old Bezradichi by Obukhov - is 50 km from Kiev and in five - from the estate of ex-guardian of Viktor Yushchenko. Here he has 37,6 thousand "squares" of land and a rather large house of red and white brick on the edge of the village on the street. Tihanskoy - the house is a hill in the woods. At the station, as may be considered with the mountains, growing Christmas trees, there is a small lake, through which paved the decorative bridge, and the house is a bright, brick-paved road.

The villagers vice-premier said that he they have settled 10 years ago. "We from this - neither hot nor cold. Well, we know that he lives. He goes by. We are on the street it does not go - there is already a fully private territory. By the way, three years ago was the case: my grandfather walked up the hill to collect mushrooms. It was the dog. Approached him from the guard house Tigipko - also with a dog. I said, they say, can not walk here. My grandfather was surprised: as well, said I was a local, all my life here to collect mushrooms. As a result, a security guard even took a picture of my grandfather to find in the village hall - local or not. Maybe, I thought, how come the terrorist ", - told us a resident of the Old Bezradichi.

Next to Tigipko is building. One of the builders told us that the house was erected for the "man of the president's inner circle." True, since the house is clumsy, but the neighborhood had already dug another pit. They pay the builders of 140 UAH. day. All of them are non-native: foreman, for example - from Kiev. "I never heard that someone from our own, rural, were taken to work in those homes. For example, near the house stands Tigipko banker Leonid Yurushev (included in the top 20 richest Ukrainians): heard that he pays his guards to 3,5-4 thousand hryvnia. And eight of them here working in shifts, "- told us one of the local residents.

In the village Pluta, 50 km from Kiev on Obukhovskoy route home to the Minister of Justice Oleksandr Lavrynovych. The house had - in the heart of the village, so to speak. "We here in the village of three streets, and 55 residents. Even schools do not, because nobody taught. A 3.2 student who live here, go to Ukrainka. One attraction - shop ", - says local resident. However, now the village is actively built up - the huge red-brick houses erected at the entrance to the village and its outskirts. Compared to these palaces house Lavrinovich 654 "square" looks modest. He stands on a small plot of land. Neighbour Lavrinovich right - a district court judge Crypt (on his site proudly fluttering flag of Ukraine), and left the Minister adjacent to the cancer hospital, which was built here four years ago.

"Yes, Lavrinovich I know - says local sales Nastya, who works in the village for 7 years. - A normal person, not a pan with the horns. This Sunday, for example, walking through the village with one guard, with all hello. In the summer goes to bathe in the canal. His wife, Svetlana, good - feeds are a mongrel. With all the talking. They are in store for me come. And when my husband and I to Zhiguli going, so he gave us a jeep road is always inferior. "

There is in this village of 55 people two more famous inhabitants - the former head of the Presidential Secretariat Oleh Rybachuk and head of the UOC Kiev Patriarchate Filaret. "Rybachuk, when the post was, so this is not available go, with a bunch of protection. Now, nothing - has recently seen walking around the village with his grandson "- told us a local resident.

But in the end of the street Malyshko lives Filaret. "You only see that you where the dog bit a" - alerted us to the local. About Filarete they speak thus: "A normal person, always says hello, and the house had the usual - not a palace." Indeed, the house of the head of the UOC Kiev Patriarchate, as may be considered because of the fence - a two-story, not very big, standing by a river.

By the way, feature Pluta other "royal village" - here is pretty middle of the road and there are no security cameras on every house. However, according to elevate their homes now, soon all the attributes of VIP-village will be.

Tsarskoe Selo: The Rudyk LIVE Klyuyev, Pinchuk AND COMPANY

At 20 km from Kiev on the road is the village Obukhovskoy Rudyk. Turning to the village - Index: "Rudyk-3. Go around the bend begins the first vice-premier Andrei Klyuev - here he has 2 hectares of land and dwelling house on 2,3 thousands of "squares". Because of the long fence, which locals call the Chinese wall, a house not visible. But residents say that in a few houses: a large, master's and another, smaller one.

"Kluev we moved four or five years ago. Even when only the built up area, and the fence was not, then it was evident that the section has a small airport for a plane or helicopter and stables. And so - we just see how he comes home from work. He goes toward the guard, and armed, "- told us local.

When asked how he coexists with VIP-officials, a resident of the village said: "Well, Viktor Pinchuk, Kuchma's son-in, he's here next to Kluyev lives, so he paved the way by which the village calls in. There is some benefit. But could help more - because in our village do not even pharmacies. The whole world povykupali. Of the remaining local homes 30 - no more. Young goes to work in Kiev, in the homes of wealthy local inhabitants did not work, they have there own workers - arriving.

In the same village and home to other famous personalities. At the very least, pointed to the local house, who allegedly built the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. It is located across the street from Klyuyeva, in a pine forest. White house with green roof, as can be viewed from the road, a relatively small: in the area are seen as pergolas and wooden house (people say it is bath). Villagers assert that the current Prime built this house, while still head of the Tax Administration (1996-2002), but long does not live here. However, according to the Declaration of Nicholas Yanovich, no house (or cottage, or apartment), he has not. There are only a part of a 998 "squares".

"The fact that Nikolai Yanovich a home in Rudyk - legend. Just when he was head of tax, there is built TRAINING CENTER, which is still working - employees of tax services improve its skills ", - explained to us the premier spokesman Vitaly Lukyanenko. A resident Nicholas Yanovich at gosdache in Koncha Zaspa.

Have Klyuyeva and Pinchuk noble neighbor. On the street in Solovyanenko Rudyk rents house People's Deputy Inna Theological.

"She moved here a couple of years ago. For the house, as we say in the village, pays $ 3000 per month. The plot - 25 hundred square meters, overlooking the beach: they even built a mound for the child. Live in the house maid, security guard, and the Theological daughter with a baby ", - told us a woman who has two decades inhabits Rudyk.

All sides are requested not to call them names - are afraid that to them for that something will.

And everything, everything, everything. In general, the village RUDYK - eminent. Thus, according to local residents, the right of the Theological live Valery Yudanov, vice president of the Judo Federation of Kiev. The village is said to have a house here and the son of former SBU chief Yevhen Marchuk Vadim - the house he hexagonal, and the section can be considered figures like Egyptian sculptures. The village had seen and singer Natalia Mogilev, and her colleagues on the shop brothers Gadyukinyh. There is also a house and a journalist Dmitry Gordon.

MONEY. Sit down next to this company is very expensive. Thus, the Internet we found the proposal to sell the house in the village Rudyk for $ 1.3 million (the house at 540 "squares", a bath at 86, the garage - at 54, a house for protection - 36 and the guest house of 90 square meters. And all this for 60 hundred parts of land).

A bit cheaper is a mansion on 700 "squares" of 11 hundred parts - the owner asked for it "only" $ 900,000. But there is a more realistic proposal: web we found a couple of proposals for the sale of land Rudyk 10 hectare - $ 5-6 thousand per one hundred square meters. That is, for $ 60 thousand can be a neighbor Klyuyeva, Pinchuk and Theological.

CHAPTER Ministry of Sport dwell in Gogol FIELD, near Poltava
Some ministers prefer to build away from Kiev. So, in charge of sports and youth Ravil Safiullin builds a house in the village Shishaki Poltava region - is the four-hour drive from Kiev. According to local residents, the minister often happens here, and even spends each year Shyshatskiy Cup football.

By the way, Shishaki - legendary town. In his time here resting Academician Vernadsky, and in the surrounding villages took four films, Alexander Dovzhenko. Among his famous film "Earth". Not far from here - the village Sorochintsy which is fair, and Mirgoros. And last year in the village bought an abandoned house known Kremlin artist Nikas Safronov. He said he had long dreamed to get a house in Gogol's field. Dilapidated house he bought from actress Raisa Nedashkovskaya (played mother Roksolana in the same series). By the way, according to the artist, buy real estate in Shishak also want actress Natalya Varley, who played the young lady in Gogol's "Vii", directed by Victor Merezhko and writer Anatoly Trushkin.

Victorian Castle for a neighbor said. MILLION FOR
Many Ukrainian officials prefer to settle in the 20-50 km from Kiev along Obukhovskoy route. Real estate in these parts is worth millions of dollars. For example, the usual two-storey cottage (339 "squares") in with. Pluta, home to the Minister of Justice and the head Lavrinovich UOC KP Filaret, a garage for two cars in the area of 20 hectare. While the cottage still unfinished, the owner wants to sell for ... 1.2 million dollars. But the mansion on the "170 hundred parts of the beautiful pine forest" in the same village, where there are "main building - 680 square meters. meters and house staff - 120 square meters. m "in the Internet exhibit a 7.9 million euros! The cheapest house in Pluta, which we managed to find the web, worth $ 390 thousand (so much for it wants to master) - for the money you get a three-story house with three bedrooms, two balconies and loggias, and all that fun for 8 hundred parts of the earth.

Becoming a neighbor Sergei Tigipko, and at the same time, Victor Yushchenko is for a million dollars. So much is "Victorian castle one kilometer from the residence of former president, as lures ads on the Internet, located on one hectare of land. But there is much less expensive estates in the Old Bezradichi, where he lives Sergei Tigipko: land here can be purchased starting from $ 1,500 per one hundred square meters.

It is cheaper to just become a neighbor of Sports Minister Ravil Safiullina. Four room house in 72 "square" on a plot of 0,6 g, where growing pears, apples and plums, in Shishak can be bought for 18,000 dollars. And if you really search, you can find and does Money for the estate. Kremlin artist Nikas Safronov, for example, bought a house in this village with no windows and doors for only $ 2,000.
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