Residence in the town: it is difficult, but possible

10.09.2010 09:40
Articles about real estate | Residence in the town: it is difficult, but possible Today, all over Ukraine on Information Portal there are about 600 cottage villages. However, current legislation does not contain the term and definition of cottage or villa community as real estate, in contrast to, for example, a residential home. Depending on the status of land, often are not built by individual dwelling, and garden or summer house, in which it is impossible to issue residence permit or registration. For investors and developers comment on the situation of lawyers and market participants.

Cottage or garden house?

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Most of the Kiev cottages built on land with the purpose of land for gardening partnership "and, accordingly, are" garden houses "for seasonal use, said director of consulting company" RealEkspo, the head of the country real estate portal "" Victor Kovalenko.

Lawyer Law Firm "Vasil Kisil and Partners Natalia Dotsenko-Belous explained that the legislation describes the cottage as a variety of individual residential settings.

Cottages (homes), depending on the location on certain plots of land can obtain status:

- Private house (residential category of land and public buildings);
- Garden House (category of agricultural lands);
- Holiday home (category land recreational use).

This lawyer noted that the cottage and garden houses can not be registered or to register to receive e-mail or registered mail (except in cases when the home is permanent and only place of residence and the owner is seeking registration through the courts, see below).

As cottage towns, then by law suburban settlements vary the degree of centralization of their design and arrangement. "There are villages with a unified plan of development, a certain set of houses being built by one company under a unified leadership. This type of settlements characterized by the presence of high-tech infrastructure, including modern means of communication, which are paid at the stage of buying houses," - says N.Dotsenko-Belous.

But when it comes to individual building, a combined territory and common name, the whole infrastructure that is available to the developer, at any time be sold, and accordingly the cost of ancillary services (security, playgrounds, etc.) can grow at times, and in front of a beautiful lake, supposedly for the villagers, there may be a large fence.

Centralized cottage communities in the Kiev region is very small. According to Kovalenko, at the moment only 15% of towns Kiev region can be registered. And most of them - in the Obukhov district of Kyiv region.

According to Director of Marketing "SV Development" Vladimir Stepenko, now you can be registered only in 5-10% of cottage settlements of the Kiev region. But it is only under the condition that the settlement has already been built and fully operational.

It is impossible, but it can

What if a cottage is a primary residence and registration is required? B. Stepenko notes that if the land on which the house stands, has a special purpose individual building, the residence permit - not a problem. If the land is part of the settlement, the problems with a residence permit either. But the majority of cottage townships located outside the settlement.

(Another version - Ed.) If a person has no other housing, for example, he bought land, sold his house and built a house and live in it. In this case, he wrote a statement of passport in the District Office of the Interior to prescribe the location of the real estate. If of passport denied (in writing), then the registration is carried out through the court ", - said deputy director of the Academy of Sciences" AlyansBrok Sergei Podgorny.

According to him, in this case, two things are important: a written request to the passport and proof that the other property, where you could be registered, you do not.

Experts stress: to avoid problems and red tape with a residence permit, if absolutely necessary, it is worth buying a cottage in the final settlement, which is part of the settlement.

Jan DOVGAN, League BusinessInform

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