Reorganization of Land Development

27.10.2010 11:41
Articles about real estate | Reorganization of Land Development According to the predictions of experts, the economic crisis had to do screenings in the development market in Ukraine, after which, it should have been left only professionals.

At the moment, opinions on the results represent a highly controversial figure. Nevertheless, in terms of investment projects, market players agree on one opinion which says that the prospects for obtaining loans by developers so far have not identified, wrote Socmart.

Most interesting for these companies are still trading objects, because the recovery level was observed here at the highest level. Most of the projects of the office category has only planned, or their implementation is frozen.

At the same time, the trend of positive growth - during the first six months of the resumption of construction work in more than 160 thousand square meters of office space. Until now, the least attractive for developers to keep storage space, even despite the fact that in this direction over the years there have been several positive changes.

The share of vacant warehouse segment remains very high, while the demand remains very low. Experts can not predict the timing definitely lift the property market, and for each of the segments of the expectations developers radically different.

According to the General, the director of "Hertz" Valery Kirilko, the crisis was a test for the real estate market, as well as companies working in this direction. Before the crisis, a large number of companies working in real estate, and its occurrence in turn cleaned up the market by the presence of casual players, to which most of a short-term profits.

Companies that have earned on the process rather than on creating the final product quality were forced to leave the market. Also burned a lot of companies that focus solely on real estate, but, then, time had no serious financial sources.
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