Rent-quick scheme: characteristics and risk

23.03.2011 12:13
Articles about real estate | Rent-quick scheme: characteristics and risk If in Sochi and Anapa vacationers can agree on a rental right on the platform of the station, in Moscow, this would be quite difficult and risky. How to find housing in the capital for several days, whether it is possible to change the locks in the apartment, which is wary of property owners and tenants?

Alternative hotel

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White kuhnyaKratkosrochnoy called the rent from one day to six months. For someone from the property owners renting apartments for daily rent - a permanent business, someone has resorted to it only occasionally, for example, in the summer, when I myself at this time leaving the city. Most often, short-term rental housing for rent economy class. The business and elite classes is a rarity. Marina Kosygin, head lease of urban real estate company Kalinka Realty, explains it this way: "When renting a luxury apartment with a designer renovated, exclusive furniture, club house with a strict pass system is too big commitment by taking each other to enter into a contract for a short period .

gornichnayaMinusov in short-term lease enough: wear flats above, more effort is required for its maintenance, harvesting, will need to provide utensils, towels, linens tenants, etc. Meanwhile, in some cases short-term rentals can be an ideal way out. "This option is more suitable for apartments, which for some reason can not be successfully completed for the long term, for example, are at the heart of the capital, overlooking the bustling street, such as Tverskaya Street - gives the example of Anna Levitov, Managing Partner EVANS . - For the long term this drawback, for short - advantage: easy to navigate, visitors, make appointments. Also, short term rental is attractive to owners who do not live in Moscow, but occasionally would like to stay in his apartment for a few days, but to the rest of the time it is not idle, let tenants.

Sometimes a short term apartment for rent that the owner suggests in the future to sell, and until that time, wants to earn additional income. The fact that long-term contracts of employment, as explained by Eugenia Strachkova, Development Director, Investment Group ASG, for it can become a serious problem, because it will impose the appropriate burden. "The Civil Code protects the rights of an employer as" less secure "side. At the initiative of the lessor to terminate the contract unilaterally without the consent of the employer is only possible in the court and only on grounds prescribed by law. While an employer to terminate the contract unilaterally, it takes only a preliminary notice of this landlord and residents agreed with the citizens "- said the expert.

komandirovkeArenduyut businessman in Moscow apartment for rent or for several months, mostly business people. In the capital's hotel rates are very high, so that seconded officials are trying to reduce costs, rental housing. Prefer to withdraw from Moscow "squares" and the tourists who come with family. They demanded property from the kitchen and 2-3 bedrooms that can accommodate both children and parents. These guests are also trying to save money.

For a short time in summer more often dealt vacation homes, rather than city apartments. However, in an expensive segment of this form of lease is not very popular because most wealthy Russians rented accommodation in the season somewhere in Italy or France.

In general, says Maria Zhukova, deputy director of MIEL-hire, short term lease in the Moscow region are not so widely spread, such as in St. Petersburg, where long-term, steady flow of tourists and has formed an adequate level of supply. The exception, according to experts, is during the New Year holidays. At this time, the demand for rental cottages situated near Moscow grows.

Income and expenses

girl colors stenuV mostly, of course, the owners prefer to rent the apartment for long term, which is understandable. Long lease fewer problems, for example, with neighbors who do not like when their porch every now and then new people, more stable income, and expenditure on repair of apartments and bringing it into order after the departure of another tenant below.

True, the property owner may contract a long lease with the firm, and already, it will deal Letting the day. However, in this case the risk is, of course, will be less, but yield lower. "If the market rate rental apartments is $ 4000 per month, then the brokers will rent it for $ 2500 per month, and then re-take. Landlords go for it, because very often the brokerage company asks a low price, but proposes to do in an apartment high-quality renovation with the condition that the owner will donate their property for a long time. And of course, the owner realizes that this is advantageous: it offers renovation + contract for three years. But if he had signed a treaty in 2011, and by 2013 more expensive rental, then the owner may lose potential profit "- explains George Dzagurov, CEO of Penny Lane Realty.

In general rental rates depend on the season, by region, type of house, floor area of ??the apartment, its condition, the set of services. "The average rent of apartments is economy class 2,5-4 thousand rubles. a day, Business Class - 4-7 thousand rubles., elite - 7-10 thousand rubles. per day.

Risk of both

keys and the contract arendyDazhe in fair housing for one day must sign an agreement, which stipulates all the conditions, a separate act drawn up an inventory of property, etc. This should be clearly specified the composition and the current state passed into the possession and enjoyment of property, as well as order and recovery mechanism in case of damage or loss. "The relationship between the employer and the owner of the apartments are governed by Chapter 35 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Employer and homeowners sign a contract of employment, which, by mutual agreement may include any items that do not contradict existing legislation. That the document was valid and the tenant or the landlord could then assert their rights in court, it must be stated: The parties concluded the agreement, the subject of the contract period, price and payment procedure. If the agreement was not, then protect the rights, in particular, make good the damage to one of the parties, it is impossible, "- said Giorgi Dzagurov.

Agreement "on the words" fraught with consequences for both sides.

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For example, for a tenant that he may be on the streets at any time. "The most common case - the sudden desire of the owner to terminate the contract, invented a variety of reasons: an unexpected illness, the arrival of family, marriage, etc. The contract with clearly defined terms of its early termination, and penalties to protect the interests of tenants" - leads Maria Zhukova example.

Property owners await quite different hazards mainly related to the threat of damage to property

"Core to the owners - the completeness of information on the tenant and the availability of accurate contact information so you can find him after his departure. We must understand that landlords - Individuals can not use the simplest mechanism to protect against petty prejudice, as opposed to companies that may, for example, to reserve a certain amount on a credit card and the renter in case of damage to withdraw money. The hosts could only take cash deposit, but such a deposit is rarely significant, "- explains Anna Levitov.

As is known, long-term lease tenants pay an amount equal to monthly rent, triple the amount. When short-term lease is approximately the same. "In this case, the agency commission is usually already included in the price of daily rent, - says George Dzagurov. - If an apartment is removed for more than a month, then it is 50% of the monthly rate. The size of the security deposit depends upon check-in. If a tenant occupies the apartment for a few days, the deposit is equal to the daily cost of renting. If the rental period - more than a month, the deposit amount to 30-50% of the monthly cost of an apartment. "

master change zamkiNa actually tenants also run the risk of their property. For example, a tenant can not change the locks in the apartment. And who in this case guarantees the safety of your belongings? Even if the landlord a decent man, to encroach on someone else can any attacker, who lived in the apartment before you. Even with the long-term lease owners square feet does not always allow the tenants to change locks. When short-term lease is possible. The only possibility to insure, according to Eugene Strachkova - it is written in the contract of hiring time and frequency of inspection of the owner of the leased premises.

Holidays in Moscow

In addition to the sea, sun, fruit charm southern Russian cities that you can freely come and go directly to the station platform to rent housing. Will not make you get off the train, as landlady and hosts vied will offer you their apartments, however, with the same determination to act and taxi drivers, who will certainly be in-law, brother, friend, who also pass the corner of travelers. However, if you have decided to spend a holiday in Moscow, this will not work. There is much more complicated, and like so outright would be difficult to rent an apartment, and in most cases, dangerous. "Not knowing the city, the situation in the rental market is very likely to run into cheaters - warns Maria Zhukova. - I would recommend still find inexpensive hotel or search for friends in the capital in which to stay. Can be found on the Internet real estate agency specializing in short-term lease. In any case, you must pre-concerned about the decision of the issue, not relying on the off chance. "

Company professionals who are engaged in short-term leases usually have good sites with detailed descriptions and photos of apartments, with the function of pre-booking. Some of them also offer a quality service to guests: internet, services, cleaning, etc. In any case, to whom you would not have addressed, Anna Levitov advised not to enter into a contract without seeing the apartment even in the photographs. "And if you signed a contract, based on photographs, be sure to point it to the apartment must comply with the photos, otherwise the contract will be terminated and the company should you pay all the amount you pay, including mortgage", - said the expert.

A good alternative to hotels and other independent search of housing, according to Eugene Strachkovoy may become rental apartments in tenement houses or apartments. This segment, according to an expert, allows you to combine normal life in the apartment with the benefits of hotel service. In this case, the lease / hire is a professional company that manages apartment house, which ensures the full guarantee of the rights of tenants and civilized solution to all issues in the shortest possible time.

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