Rental of holiday homes on New Year's is more expensive than in Europe

26.11.2010 10:13
Articles about real estate | Rental of holiday homes on New Year Rental of holiday homes on New Year's is still popular among Muscovites. Although many have already exchanged the suburbs to the European country where you can find cheaper options

* Feature rent holiday homes on New Year's is that the choice of direction is almost no role.

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Many Muscovites prefer to celebrate the New Year away from home and not in the restaurant and out of town - in a rented specifically for the cottage. Those who rent a cottage not the first time, know what to select the appropriate option to advance. In late December facilities offered at the right price, is almost gone.

It is advisable to begin to get acquainted with the proposal in the market in September. In October and November is the bulk of transactions. And in December, is already having difficulty. "A good option is almost impossible to find - told director of the department of marketing communications Rodex Group Igor Zaugolnikov - or it will be a house at an inflated price, or - a village house in the 200-300 km from Moscow."

This year, according to the company "MIEL-Rent, an application for" New "cottages began to arrive only in early October, and suggestions appear in the database with a slight delay. Realtors expect that the discounts will be available in early December.

"The owners at the last moment decide on short-term deposit facility to rent - said deputy director of Miel Rent" Maria Zhukova. - Most of them are in principle willing to take the house for a short time and pull up to the last. So, while we select options from an existing database offerings. Trying to persuade the owners who prefer long-term lease, rent a cottage for a few days. Since in general, demand is much higher than supply, and price expectations of the tenants are different from the desires of owners, then request a selection of the best in advance. "

Feature of the rent holiday homes on New Year's is that the choice of direction is almost no role. On such a short period of time (3-4 days, at least - for all your Christmas holidays) people renting homes and unpopular southern and eastern suburban highway. "The main thing for tenants - that house was not far from Moscow, the inside was warm and cozy - told Director of the Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty, Dmitry Tsvetkov. - It should be no problem, but suitable for year-round house with all utilities. But the most important criterion when choosing a home - is the maximum number of bedrooms. Desirable recreational areas: swimming pool, sauna, billiard.

Among the "New Year" offers you can find anything you like: the small house with minimal amenities, and the hut in the village and cottage in the formal settlement infrastructure. Many holiday homes offer rent a cottage on their territory with the opportunity to visit the internal infrastructure. Really good home with an exclusive repair and quality furnishings in such lease do not pass, because it's always high risks that can not be recouped by any collateral. But, according to Igor Zaugolnikova if the rental price starts from 85,000 rubles in the house, most likely pool (though small), a sauna, a sauna, billiard room and a spacious living-dining room, and parking for at least four cars asphalt paths and all the necessary communications: water, sewerage, electricity and gas.

Price on New Year's rent is formed in the process of negotiations and a compromise between the desires of the owner and the potential tenant. "Here the key word" risks ", - said Maria Zhukova. - New Year's Day we traditionally celebrate noisily, fun, fireworks, and this means that the risk increases several times. Owners are trying to neutralize them for the rent. According to established practice, renting a cottage for 3-4 day holidays can be maintained at the cost of monthly rental house in an ordinary period. "

"Nobody knows how much fun and unpredictable turns out to be New Year's Eve. Therefore, a homeowner asks a high a security deposit, which, if anything, will go to pay for broken plumbing, broken windows or scratched parquet studs - confirmed Dmitry Tsvetkov. - Often the host specifies the number of members of the New Year night to out of ten people claimed was not formed twenty ".

"New" cottages in the suburbs are offered at prices ranging from 60 to 200 thousand rubles for a few days. Impact on the cost of remoteness from Moscow, the area of the house and living conditions. Judging by available today offers direction really is not as critical. For example, the cottage area of 400 square meters. meters, located on the shores of Pestovskoye reservoir 26 kilometers from Moscow to Dmitrov highway, worth 165,000 rubles (the proposal for 20 people). At the prestigious Novorizhskoye highway, 40 km from Moscow offered the same area cottage with pool and conservatory for 110 rubles. At no direction home Kashirskoye prestigious area of 300 square meters. m ready to pass for 185 rubles, but at 10 km from Moscow.

Most popular among the renters use at home cost from 95 to 120 thousand rubles. Experts say this is the most optimal options for companies of 10-15 people on average per person will 7,5-8 thousand.

However, experts note, the Muscovites with each passing year more and more beginning to annoy Moscow region - mainly because of high rents on the "New" house. Many people now prefer the winter holidays to go abroad and rent a cottage there, especially since prices for similar facilities in several European countries are quite comparable with the Moscow region, and low cost options are much cheaper. For example, a small house in Finland on 6-10 people will cost 600 euros (about 25 rubles), but not for three days, and within a week. Even more cost options available for 400 euros (about 17 rubles). Better selling items at ski resorts in Austria - 800-1500 euros (33,5-62,8 thousand).

"There is a clear trend - at home and continue to rent for holidays and Christmas holidays, but not in the suburbs, and in Finland, Austria and Germany - said Dmitry Tsvetkov. - As the suburbs the prices are already close to France, with its high-priced objects.
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