Rent country houses and cottages became more profitable than rent apartments

17.02.2010 17:46
Articles about real estate | Rent country houses and cottages became more profitable than rent apartments A sharp drop in the cost of renting country cottages, houses and cottages fueled demand for this property: during the summer season, three of the four proposed in the hiring of facilities have found their customers. However, with the end of the warm period, many proposals left without tenants, even though rents have fallen even more.

From sale for rent

Last warm-season was marked for the rental market suburban villas, houses and cottages for two trends: a sharp increase in the supply and the equally rapid decline in prices in dollar terms. According to the Head of suburban real estate company "trajectory" Irina Shikin, if last summer's lease offers approximately 3,5 thousand suburban sites, then the combined database of real estate agencies, there were about 4-4,2 thousand proposals.
More than just increased the percentage of sites offer business and economy classes +. "Increasing the number of wishing for the return of houses to rent due primarily to the decline in sales in the suburban real estate market: Compared to last year the number of transactions declined by more than 35-40%. Naturally, many owners of houses have decided to try to pass their property to rent in order to get at least some income from its operation. And to prepare for this, they began with winter, investing in repairs and construction. Often, this concerned the objects in the mortgage banking ", - said Ms. Shikin.
According to experts, the growth of the proposals would have increased much more if the delivery of houses to rent does not imply a complete interior finishes, furnishings and household equipment. Given that many owners of suburban real estate continues to bring to mind its bare walls, one can safely say that next year the database of agencies grow another 15-20%.

Rates have fallen

Despite the general stagnation of the real estate market, demand for rental of suburban housing has fallen compared with other segments is not so much. According to the director of agency services to the Academy of Sciences "Sitikon" Edward Brazasa, compared with last year the number of transactions decreased by no more than 7-10%. Important role in this played a significant reduction in rates in dollar terms. According to head of marketing company SV Development, Vladimir Stepenko, the average market price of the rental country homes fell by 30-50%. The minimum cost of rental cottages budget segment declined by end of the season up to $ 100/month. against $ 200 a year ago, houses of the economy - up to $ 300/mes. against 500 last year, the business class cottages - from $ 1,5 to 1,2 thousand per month., premium-family houses - from $ 5 thousand to 3 thousand per month. and the houses with the stamp of Deluxe - with $ 8 thousand . up to 5 thousand "That game with the prices allowed not to lose customers. If at the beginning of the season the owner could not pass their property on the desired price, it reduces the cost of rent, "- says Mr. Stepenko. Indirectly, his words also confirmed by Ukrainian real estate group. For example, for $ 400/mes. This year was commissioned a house area of ??65 square meters. m with all amenities, 25 km from Kiev (p. Hnativka, Kiev Svyatoshinsky rn), which last year rented for $ 600. Apartment house area of ??57 square meters. m with all amenities and a set of necessary furniture in Brovarskom area, which in 2009 gave up a $ 600/mes., was leased for $ 380. The cost of "golubyatin" without amenities in older suburban towns in the season kicked off with $ 100 per month., Whereas a year earlier, their lowest price is not lower than $ 170-200 per month. "Unofficially, rent suburban housing, but elite segment is directly tied to the cost of hiring the same class apartments in Kiev. When last year the minimum price of renting one-bedroom apartment in the capital, was $ 500 per month., Rents on the cheapest, but decent suburban housing also started with $ 500. Today, the average price of "unity" has dropped to $ 300-350. For the same amount can now be removed and a little suburban house, "- says the PR-manager Ukrainian real estate group Daria Druzhchenko, adding that prices are in UAH per year, virtually unchanged.
According to experts, the combined gross income of the owners handed over to the seasonal rental of suburban real estate of Kiev region has made in this year of $ 10.8 million compared with $ 15-17 million a year earlier. Significantly decreased and revenues of agencies: in 2008, their total fees exceeded $ 1 million, but in 2009 they amounted to no more than $ 180-200 thousand "Such a sharp drop in income real estate companies due not only to lower prices and fewer transactions, but and a decrease in the size of awards from 100 to 30-50% of the monthly rental rate, "- said Ms. Druzhchenko.

With long-term view

According to a leading specialist branch of the Park Lane «Nicholas Park Irina Sologub, during the 2009 season have remained unoccupied for about 20% of the proposed rental homes. "The main reasons for which are not removed some of the objects was discrepancy between the price and quality, a bad location and the lack of well-maintained local area", - she said. According to the company, the greatest demand in the current season, enjoy the home area of ??200-300 square meters. m c furniture, the presence of all household appliances, landscaped area and good transport interchange, located at the Obukhov, Zhitomir, Odessa and Warsaw areas. Typically, the cost was $ 1,5-2 thousand per month. "Popularity is the average price segment due to the desire of most clients to ensure a comfortable stay of their family outside, near the woods or pond, away from the hustle" - explains Ms. Sologub. Edward Brazas adds that tenants are in this season were more demanding, especially for equipment home furnishings and appliances.
Similar criteria demand observed at a time when the market was only a segment of the long-term rental of country objects. According to Vladimir Stepenko now offer reduced to 1,3 thousand houses, of which 500-600 have already been put for a period of six months. The high demand for home ownership have cost $ 1-1,2 thousand a month is not more 15 km from Kiev, in such towns as Old and New Petrovtsy, Khotyanovka, Hodoseevka, Plyutovo, Kozin, Lucky, Mount, Cherry, Glevaha, Vasilkov , Zazimya. Typically, customers are looking for a cottage area of ??150-200 square meters. m with an independent water supply, heating, furniture, a standard set of household appliances and all amenities. So criterias are not all displayed in a long-term lease objects, so the order of 30-40% of the proposals remain unclaimed, "- he says.
The independent market expert Jaroslav Tsukanov argues that long-term lease of suburban housing are mainly interested in the same clients, which take an apartment in the heart of the capital - visiting executives and foreigners. "Housing in the center and a country house cost to tenants in about one sum. But if the apartment is removed predominantly single workers at home - family, especially foreigners, who used to have a lot of square meters in nature "- he says. The cost of long-term lease of suburban housing, typically 10-20% lower than in the summer season. However, the proposal, which will remain vacant even one or two months, according to experts, will throw another 10-15% from current prices.

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